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Published on July 30th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Prevent and Cure a Hangover

You may want to drink, but you don’t want to result in a hangover. Once wake up with a hangover, you may feel sick and have a headache, which is indeed uncomfortable and afflictive. So, if you’re worried about a dark hangover cloud in the morning, maybe the following instructions about how to cure and prevent a hangover are helpful.

Before drinking

  • Don’t keep an empty stomach. Eat something to help putting volume in your stomach and then it will dilute the effects of the alcohol. Starchy carbohydrates such as bread may be better choices than the just a greasy snack.
  • A cup of milk can decrease the absorption of alcohol as well as it can coat the lining of the stomach.
  • Milk thistle is a helpful herbal medicine. Both liquid and tablet form are available in the market. It works by helping your liver to process alcohol faster. Take it before as well as the day after can make your hangover symptoms more bearable.
  • Olive oil works as the same as eating foods. It’s an old Mediterranean remedy. You can dip some bread in olive oil or swallow a spoonful of it, depending on your like.
  • Vitamins and multivitamins can play a role. Drinking can deplete the nutrients in your body and vitamins and multivitamins can help minimizing the loss.

How to Prevent and Cure a Hangover

While drinking

  • Know your bottom line. Limit your consumption of alcohol to your bottom line. Paying attention to the quantity may be the key solution for preventing a hangover. The less you drink, the lower your chance of getting a hangover.
  • Stick to light and one type of alcohol. Dark liquors can increase the chance of getting a hangover, as well as the mixture of various flavorings and additives in different types of alcohol. Bubbly should be skipped as much as possible for it can increase the delivery of alcohol through your system and lead to a hangover faster.
  • Consume waters constantly. This can not only prevent dehydration, but also can produce lactic acid and some other chemicals that are effective for relieving the symptoms of hangover. Sports beverages are effective too, but caffeinated beverages should be avoided.
  • Eat something during the drinking can be helpful too. This works just like eating before you drink.

How to Prevent and Cure a Hangover

If all these methods are failed, you get a hangover and wake up with the feeling of sickness and headache, the main symptoms of hangover. Here are some best cures that can help you get rid of the hangover.

  • Have a good rest to give your body time for recovery.
  • Have a proper breakfast. Eating bland foods like toast and crackers, burnt toast or a bacon sandwich are good choices.
  • keep drinking water. Fruit or vegetable juice can be alternatives. All of these can help replenishing your body. Also, you can choose sports beverages. They work the same.
  • Take a shower. You can switch between cold and hot water to get a clear mind.
  • Soluble Paracetamol works effectively for it can get into the bloodstream faster and help keeping hydration. Alka-Seltzer can ease the acidity and make your stomach more comfortable as well. Try to avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen to cure the hangover pain for the side effects of these medicines can be magnified when alcohol is in your system.
  • Some herbal teas like ginger tea can help combat nausea, which is also effective for hangover treatment.

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