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How To Pop a Pimple? Is Popping Pimples Bad For Skin?

It is believed that popping a pimple is a major skin care no-no. But, you just cannot wait them to disappear naturally. You want to pop them out. No matter how hurry you want to pop, you should decide whether the pimple is proper for popping and how to pop it with minimal damage before.

  • Assess the pimple first. You should decide whether it can be popped before you take action. The only squeezable kind of pimple is a whitehead pimple (you can see the whitehead on the surface). Never pop other types of pimples, it may cause damage of the surrounding tissue and worsen the infection.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with plenty of soap and warm water. This is not a ignorable step, you should do this to reduce the opportunity of irritation and infection.
  • Make sure your face is freshly scrubbed. Wash your face with oil-free and medicated cleanser to make it prepared for your next step. This step is to remove any oil, sweat or dirt and prevent bacteria from settling in.
  • Soften the pimple. You can use a hot compress like a washcloth to press the area of pimple for about 1 minute. This makes the pimple easier for extraction.
  • Cover your hand with disposable gloves or just wrap your fingers in tissue. Both can keep the remaining bacteria of your finger and fingernails away and can prevent the nails from marking on your face.
  • Time to pop.Get underneath the pimple as much as possible and place one fingertip on each side. Squeeze and see if anything comes out. Change the position of your fingertip and repeat.
  • Time to stop.You should stop if you find it begins expelling clear liquid or a small amount of blood.
  • Apply antiseptic solution after your finish the squeeze. This spot treatment is important for preventing infection. You can apply a fading treatment like an exfoliating gel if the blemish is healed. This can help to eliminate the post-breakout dark mark.

Tips & Warnings

Many people may wonder whether popping pimples is bad for skin or not. The answer is yes from experts. Why popping pimples is regarded as a no-no skin care case? Its harmfulness for your skin may be the major reason.

Popping a pimple usually exacerbates the problem and may leave you with scars.

If not be done properly or for some other reasons, you may end up with a skin infection.

Popping pimples may create permanent pocks and marks.

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