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How to Massage Yourself

Have you always felt tired or even exhausted? Have you ever felt your body stiff and sore? Have you once considered getting professional help from doctor? Here we will provide you an easy and cheap way to get rid of them. A self-massage is highly recommended here. A few minutes a day are enough to make those pains and sore leave your body. Learn some techniques now and change your life a little bit.


  1. Take a hot bath at the very beginning. A relaxed and clean body will do good to your later process. Epsom salts are needed in this step. It will help you to ease the pressure and soreness you feel.
  2. Use a warm towel to dry yourself and keep your coat off. Since clothing can be a barrier in your touch of your skin and creates fiction, it should be removed. Massage lotion is a good choice for you to reduce friction and improve effectiveness. You can even try some sports balm which can loosen your muscles as well.
  3. Move your fingers from the back of your head to the shoulders in a circular motion. Keep moving until you reach to your arms and lastly, massage your hands. When coming across a knot, you need to make small circles with your fingers to work it out. Keep your breath slow and even. After all knots are solved, give yourself a hug.
  4. Then it comes to the lower part. Prepare a large blanket, and then roll it up. Leave it on the floor. Next you need to lie yourself down on the roll with your face up. The roll should be exactly under your lower back. Let your shoulders touch the floor and keep your arms open. With some deep breath, stretch yourself out.
  5. Change into another pose now. With your arms folded or extended to your front, sit on your knees and lean forward. Always be careful. Move your arms toward forward and place your head on your hands.
  6. The last procedure is about your feet. Feet are tired and stiff after a day’s work. Use your thumbs to press your soles of your feet and spread to the bottoms of your toes. Your ankles also cannot be forgotten. By repeating the whole process several times, your feet are back to life.


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