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How To Make Iced Tea

Usually served in a glass with ice, Iced Tea is a form of cold tea that includes a wide range of flavors: lemon, peach, strawberry, cherry, and passion fruit. In the hot summer, a cup of iced tea is usually the first choice of people all around the world. If you’re also a fan of the perfect iced tea, go through this article to find how to make it yourself. Here, we provide several iced tea recipes for you and you can enjoy the beneficial beverage to your taste.

1. Basic sweet iced tea recipe


8 tea bags of good-quality black tea

8 cups of water


2-3 slice of lemon or orange

Rich simple syrup

How To Make Iced Tea recipe


  1. Pour the water into a pan to heat it to simmering condition
  2. Put the tea bags in a large heatproof glass pitcher
  3. Peel the lemon or orange and try to avoid as much of the white pith as possible. Then place the peel into the pitcher.
  4. Pour the simmering water to the pitcher. Make sure the tea bags are soaked in the water for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Remove the tea bags and cool it in refrigerate.
  6. Pick up the iced tea glass and fill it with ice.
  7. Pour the tea over the ice and enjoy your homemade iced tea. You can add simple syrup to get a sweet taste if you like.

2. Lemon mint iced tea recipe


3/4 cup of white sugar

1 peppermint tea bag

1/4 cup of frozen lemonade concentrate

6 regular-size tea bags


How To Make Iced Tea recipe


  1. Pour 1 quart water to the pan to get a rapid heat
  2. Stir the sugar in the water until it dissolved
  3. Put the peppermint tea bag and regular tea bags in the water and let it steep for half an hour
  4. Remove the tea bags and pour the lemonade concentrate in and stir
  5. Fill a glass with ice and pour the tea over the ice

3. Fruity iced tea recipe


3-4 tea bags

1 cup of any diced fruit you like

Half and cup of sugar syrup and lemon juice respectively

Sprig of mint

Water and ice cube

How To Make Iced Tea


  1. Heat 2 cups of water to boiling and steep the tea bags in it for 5 minute then add sugar or lemon to taste. Then pour it to a pitcher
  2. Cool the tea in refrigerate for 2-3 hours
  3. Stir the sugar syrup in the cool tea
  4. Fill a cup with the fresh diced fruit you like and then pour the cup of fruits to the tea mixture
  5. Stir the mixture to make the fruits float evenly in the pitcher.
  6. Fill a glass with ice cube and pour the tea mixture over it. Add a sprig of mint to the top and enjoy your fruity iced tea.

Actually, though the flavors differ greatly, the homemade recipes of those different flavors of iced tea are similar to a large extent. You can try to make your favorite flavors of iced tea according to the recipes described above, which would be helpful too.

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