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How To Lower High Cholesterol Level

People should have control over their Cholesterol Level as High Cholesterol level is bad for aged people. It might increase the risk of heart diseases and artery blockage. So, if you didn’t check your cholesterol on recent time, do it as soon as possible. Artery gets clogged if the cholesterol level reaches a certain (peak) level and it risks your heart. The risk rises with the aging. Cardiologists suggest everyone above the age of 20 should get their cholesterol level tested at least one every five years so that the problems can be screened, if you have any health risk. If you think, it’s been a long since your last cholesterol level check up; ask your family physician if you are due for one.

Now let’s talk about some positive stuff about cholesterol. In case your fasting cholesterol level is exceeding the limit of 200 or your LDL (Low-Density-Lipoprotein) cholesterol is far from your reach, reducing or cutting down the cholesterol level to safer point is very easy. You can actually reduce the cholesterol level with minor modifications in your lifestyle or if necessary, you can take medicines. People mostly see their cholesterol levels dropping down within 5-6 weeks.

Below are some tips on how to lower high cholesterol level:-

1. Set an aim

You know that your cholesterol level is high and you need to cut it down to a certain rate, but how low is the question? Consider asking a dietician or your family physician what is the required cholesterol level. It depends on some key factors like smoking habits, high blood sugar level, hypertension, obesity & other cardiovascular diseases.

2. Conceive Medication

You need to modify your lifestyle a bit for reducing the high cholesterol levels. But, if you have some heart disease, you have to opt for medicines which will help you in reducing the cholesterol levels and open the blocked arteries.

3. Perform Physical Exercise

If your reducing LDL i.e. Bad Cholesterol, daily exercise can increase the HDL i.e. Good Cholesterol up by at least 10%. You can even get benefit by mere brisk walking in the morning and evening for 30 minutes. Even doing free hand exercises, Yoga, Meditation, Brisk Walking, and Jogging will help a lot in decreasing the bad cholesterol level and increase the HDL.

4. Stay away from saturated fat

Only cutting on egg yolk won’t help you in decreasing the LDL. You have to stay away from the extra layer of butter that your mom applies on the bread. That is more harmful than an egg yolk. So better avoid cheese & butter. It will help you in gaining the HDL.

5. Consume Food having fiber
Eat those foods which have fibers in them, it will help in keeping your heart healthy. It will also increase the HDL and lower the LDL to keep you healthy and fit. These fibers act like sponge which absorbs the extra cholesterol in the digestive system.

6. Eat Fish

Eating fish will help you in reducing the LDL. These fish and fish oils have omega 3 fatty acids, which lowers the cholesterol in your body.

7. Consume Alcohol

Moderate intake of alcohol can help you in gaining the HDL by at least 10%. Men can intake up to 2 drinks per day and Women can consume 1 drink each day.

8. Consume Green Tea

Green Tea is also known as Miracle Tea which helps in losing weight as well as the LDL Bad cholesterol.

9. Intake Nuts

Start eating nuts it helps in increasing the memory power as well as reducing the cholesterol level in a moderate level.

10. Change Bread Spreads

You have to change the type of spread you use on your bread and start using spread which has cholesterol lowering compounds.

11. Quit Smoking

It helps you in living a healthy life as well as increases your HDL.


Cholesterol Levels:

Total Cholesterol Level Total Cholesterol Category
Less than 200 mg/dL Desirable
200–239 mg/dL Borderline high
240 mg/dL and higher High
LDL Cholesterol Level LDL Cholesterol Category
Less than 100 mg/dL Optimal
100–129 mg/dL Near optimal
130–159 mg/dL Borderline high
160–189 mg/dL High
190 mg/dL and higher Very high
HDL Cholesterol Level HDL Cholesterol Category
Less than 40 mg/dL A major risk factor for heart disease
40–59 mg/dL The higher, the better
60 mg/dL and higher Considered protective against heart disease

Cholesterol Level Tables via [ nih]

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