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How To Lower Blood Pressure, Prevent High Blood Pressure

Controlling High Blood Pressure is very crucial, especially when you are aging. Hypertension is a condition which should be prevented because it can be the reason for your frequent illness. According to a Harvard University Research, more than 15% of Americans die because of hypertension and related health problems. It shows no indications, but hypertension increases the risks of killer disease like kidney failure, cognitive decline, heart attack, etc. American Heart Association (A.H.A) research says, more than 25% of the US population has hypertension, but they aren’t aware of it. In case you didn’t have yourself checked up in the last 2 years, do it at the earliest.

You can get relief from High Blood pressure, if you take medicines. But even the medicines have side effects like sleep disorders, Leg Cramps, etc. But usually people are able to bring down the High Blood Pressure without taking any medicines.

Below are the some tips to lower your high blood pressure

1. Start Power Walking

Patients who are suffering from high blood pressure should go for brisk walking early in the morning. It helps in lowering the hypertension up to 6 mmhg – 8 mmhg. Follow a rigorous cardio workout for half an hour on week days and see your blood pressure going down and you will be fit & fine.

2. Start breathing deeply

Taking slow & deep breaths and doing meditation helps in lowering hypertension. Practicing Tai-Chi, Yoga & Qigong will lower the stress & enhance rennin, an enzyme of kidney which arouses blood pressure. Try this slow breathing method for at least 5 minutes both in the morning as well as at night.

3. Opt for potassium rich food

Consuming high potassium food can be very useful for high blood pressure patients. Best sources of potassium rich food are dry fruits like raisins & prunes, Melon, Cantaloupe, Green Peas, Beans, Bananas, Potatoes, Orange Extract, Tomato and Sweet Potatoes.

4. Decrease Salt intake

People, who have a hereditary problem of high blood pressure, should lower the intake of sodium as it is one of the main reasons behind hypertension. Even people, who don’t have hypertension in the family of high blood pressure patients, should lower the intake of salts.

5. Eat Dark Chocolate

For chocolate lovers, this will be the best part. Eating dark chocolate lowers the hypertension in an individual. Dark Chocolate contains flavanols that makes the blood vessel more elastic. One should intake at least half an ounce of dark chocolate daily.

6. Consume Supplements

Take supplements as they consist of the antioxidant which is required for energy production in the human body and elaborates blood vessel. The antioxidant which is found in supplements is Coenzyme Q10.

7. Start moderate drinking

You should start drinking alcohol, but at a moderate rate. It should not be increased in any case as it may lead to liver dysfunction. Moderate drinking protects heart from certain risks.

8. Drink Decaffeinated Coffee

Caffeine increases the blood pressure & stress level. So, consuming coffee or anything which has caffeine like Cola or tea should be avoided. You can switch over to Decaf coffee for decreasing the hypertension.

9. Drink Green Tea

You can start drinking green tea for lowering the high blood pressure.

10. Less work

You should not work for more than 40 hours a week, as it can increase the hypertension according to study done in California University.

11. Listen to Music

Start listening to soothing and sweet music which lowers your high blood pressure level and stress level, it can work better than any medicine.

12. Eat Soya Products

Soya really helps in boosting the energy in the body and decreases the hypertension as well as stress levels.


Category Systolic Diastolic
Normal Less than 120 And Less than 80
Prehypertension 120–139 Or 80–89
High blood pressure
     Stage 1 140–159 Or 90–99
     Stage 2 160 or higher Or 100 or higher

Table via [nih]

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