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How to Lose Weight Fast

In this age of staying fit, almost everyone is health conscious. Everyone wants to stay fit and look slim or athletic. People now-a-days join gym to lose weight fast, but fail to do so because of their food habits and unhealthy diets. May people even do Yoga, meditation, body massage, follow healthy diets provided by dieticians, etc. No one wants to look ugly and fat, just because fitness is the talk of the town and you can see people running with their jogging shoes on early in the morning in the parks. Losing weight fast is not as easy as it seems, you have to follow proper diet, perform exercise and maintain a very healthy routine. You stop eating carbs which increase the weight unnecessarily and unwontedly. You should immediately stop eating oily and junk food.

If you are successfully burning 500+ calories than you intake daily for 7 days consecutively, then you will be able to lose around 800 grams to 1 kg weight in a week’s time. In case you want to lose weight at a quicker rate, you need to intake less and increase the exercise time. For example if your intake 1,000 – 1,200 calories per day and you perform exercise for an hour daily, you will be able to lose around 1 – 2.5 kgs in a week’s time. The weight loss will be more, if you weigh 125+ kgs. It will be hazardous if you cut your calorie intake any further. If you stop taking starch & salt, it may help in losing weight a bit more quickly at first, but it will be fluid loss and not fat loss. As soon as you start limiting the intake of sodium & starches, fluid retention & fluids will start reducing in your body resulting in weight loss up to 2 and half Kgs.

Many weight management gurus recommend eating a healthy diet which is starch free, doesn’t contain any added preservatives, animal fat free & doesn’t contain any dairy products. For quick weight loss, weight management gurus also recommend intake of soya products, egg whites, 95% lean meat, non-fat dairy products, fish, dark leafy vegetables, fruits & skinless poultry breast.

Tips to be followed for losing weight fast

  1. Don’t skip breakfast & meals
  2. Always eat from a plate, don’t open the fridge door and start grazing on the remaining pastry piece.
  3. Stay busy, as it will help you in diverting your mind from eating all the time.
  4. Dump irresistible food
  5. Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water in daily basis
  6. Intake as much vegetables as possible for staying fit and it will also help you in feeling full.

You should keep a track of your daily food intake as well as the exercises you do. Also write about your moods, how you feel after eating certain dishes and after performing exercises. It also depends on your mood, whether you will be able to lose weight quickly or not, whether you are happy or sad while eating, performing exercise, walking, talking, etc. You should note this down and it will surely help you at a later stage. Even weight management gurus say that emotions play a big part in our diet. If you see a negative effect in your emotional eating, consider talking to a counselor about this issue. They will help you out to handle your emotions in a better way.

The summary is that you need to cut on the calories, not completely, though partially. You have to perform exercise on a daily basis and according to your calorie intake. Keeping all this in mind will help you in losing the weight as quickly as possible.

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