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Published on June 2nd, 2013 | by Tom


How to Lose Weight Fast in Summer

As we all known, the best ways to lose weight are doing sports and taking care of your diets. Summer is the best season to lose weight fast. You may probably ask: what exactly I should do or should not do in order to control or lose my weight? Here I will give you 5 main tips which can solve your problem if you stick to them every day. Remember the hardest obstacle you will encounter in this process is the attempt to giving it up halfway.

  1. Aerobic exercise helps us lose weight and keep us healthy at the same time. There are many kinds of sports are classified as aerobic exercise, including jogging, dancing, swimming, and climbing mountain. Thirty minutes a day without stop for aerobic exercise is suitable for your purpose. However, it should be noted that I do not recommend that you take aerobic exercise if you do not have good physical strength or if you have a heart problem.
  2. Bicycle riding is another kind of sport to help you consume extra calorie. Most gymnasiums have indoor-cycling for you. But the indoor cycling room is so small that you may undergo an oxygen deficit. So try to ride bicycle in the outdoors with a mountain bike.
  3. Do not sit down or lie on your bed within 30 minutes after your lunch and supper. You can do some easy housework such as washing, cleaning, and clearing up your houses. If you want to watch TV during this period of time, you should try not to sit down on your sofa and you should do some gymnastic movement when you watch TV.
  4. If your working place is not far from your home, you can go to work on foot. Try to walk on a high speed of approximately ten minutes a kilometer.
  5. Food with high calorie is another factor which causes overweight. There are several tips for you to stay on a healthy diet:
    • Do not eat any fried food or greasy food.
    • Drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before your meals, which makes you feel full and eat less.
    • Try not to eat food which is made up from flour or rice. You’d better eat coarse cereal porridge instead of other kinds of food.
    • Eat at least half kilogram of vegetables every day. As for the vegetables, the more, the better.

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