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How to Look Older (Five Tips)

Have you encountered some embarrassments for your younger look? Are you envy of a more mature style? Want to look just as your age or a little older? Try the following tips and techniques.

  • Groom yourself to look older —for guys, facial hair is a trick to look older and get a serious trim by getting a short haircut because a shaggy head of hair makes a guy’s face look much younger. As for women and girls, besides try a more mature bob, you can over-pluck your eyebrows and wear heavy makeup (avoid overdoing, otherwise will show immaturity). Both guys and girls, remember to cover your acne, a clear skin can add maturity to your face.
  • Improve social manners  —Learn to be a good listener and don’t interrupt other’s story abruptly. Listen closely to what others say and try to comment occasionally. To keep you be a conversationalist, always keep an eye on current events. It can impress others that you’re aware of current affairs. But try to talk with others in good vocabulary and manner.
  • Confidence show maturity —if you’re confident enough, you won’t be regarded as a teen. Confidence can show maturity. So, be confident in yourself and be proud of yourself. But, never be peacockish. It’s a sigh of immaturity.
  • Dress maturely  — what you wear shows the first impression, so, pay attention to the dressing style. Guys, give up those clothes that show immaturity such as baggy clothes and faded jeans. Swap those for button-up shirts and thicker fabrics such as knits. And girls, baby pastels such as bubblegum pink, light blue should be stayed away from. Choose clothes that can accentuate your shape and matches your age or the age you want to be.
  • Act mature  —don’t peppy and hyper just like a child all the time. You’ll ruin your mature look by doing that. However, it doesn’t mean you should be slouching which is also a sign of immaturity. Straighten your back and hold your head up. You can choose a model that you want to be, and learn how he/she talks, dresses and acts.

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