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Published on December 27th, 2017 | by Tom


How To Grow Long Fingernails

All of our nails grow at a fixed rate, so, if you want nice and long nail, you should protect your nails and give them proper nourishment. Here are easy ways to help you grow your fingernails and make the look longer and more beautiful. 

Tricks to make nails look longer 

  • Clean your hands. Use a gentle soap—never a harsh one; it may make nails brittle—to wash your hands. Then, dry them with a towel.
  • Soak nails in white vinegar. Put enough white vinegar (enough to cover your nails is OK) in a plastic bowl and then soak your nails in white vinegar for 3-5 minutes (one hand at a time). Take your hands out and dry the vinegar with a dish cloth or paper towel. Then, wash your hands with soap again to remove the smell of vinegar.
  • Push back cuticles. Don’t cut your cuticles for it will lead to infection and tend to grow back. Pushing back your cuticles may make them appear smaller permanently. After you’re finished, apply hand sanitizer and let it stay for 4 minutes. Wash it off and you’ve finished.

Avoid biting nails 

  • Apply Nail Polish. Don’t choose lumpy or thick finger nail polish which may make your nails look unattractive. Apply two coats hard-nail finger nail polish first. Add another coat after 2 hours.
  • Chew a piece of gum. You won’t bite your nails when you chew something else. And just think what they will look like if you bite them when you’re going to bite them. It’s disgusting.
  • Apply lemon juice. Put some lemon juice in a small bowl and dip your fingertips in it. You will taste the sour flavor once you bite your nails. This is another way to prevent you from biting nails.

Methods help fingernails grow 

  • Biotin supplements. Biotin is a supplement for many cases, as well for brittle nails. Biotin won’t ensure the growth of your fingernails, but it do prevent your nails from often cracking which give a better chance for your nail to grow longer naturally. You can intake Biotin from many foods like wheat germ, eggs, dairy products, salmon, and nuts and so on.
  • Protein intake. Nails are made out of protein. More protein intake can help nails grow. However, there is no evidence to support it. But, protein deficiency will result in weak and underdeveloped nails.
  • Keep your nails moist. Apply hand cream after you washing your hand or finishing your sanitation regime. This can protect your nails from cracking, or becoming too brittle. During the winter months, you should pay more attention to your nails. Wear gloves if you go outside and use rubber gloves when you do cleaning.
  • Don’t repetitively use nail polish remover. Look for a nail polish which doesn’t have to be refreshed every week. Because the nail polish remover can weaken your nails.
  • Constant activity is useful. It can increase blood flow and thus to stimulate growth.

Tips & warnings 

  • Garlic contains selenium whose deficiency will cause weaker nails. So you can rub garlic on your nails to help them grow.
  • Apply moisturizer often to keep hand soft.
  • File and clean your nails because dirt can stain the nails and make them yellow.
  • Avoid bite as far as you can.


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