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How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage

Head is usually considered as the concentration area of various stress, tension and strain. So it is very important to easy away your tension in your head. It is no wonder that the scalp massage is on the trend now. It can not only improve the circulation of the head, but also can cure some chronic disease like headache. And in fact, scalp massage is very simple and you can just do it by yourself. You can find the basic steps of this massage in following part.

Five Steps

  1. Find the most comfortable chair in your house and take a seat. Interruptions from others should be avoided. Just relax yourself in your own way.
  2. Put your both hands on your forehead. Leave your thumbs on the temples. They should meet each other in the center line of your forehead.
  3. Press lightly and then relax. Apply gentle pressure and move towards to your hairline. You can increase the pressure as you want.
  4. Keep moving your fingers until you reach the base of your skull. Then repeat. Remember to stroke your fingers through the hair. Do the press and release action repeatedly in the position you like
  5. After that, you can wrap your head with a warm and moist towel and take a deep breath to relax yourself.

Tips and warnings

1. In spite of its simplicity, it can be a better experience when some professionals do it for you. If you have the economic capacity, you can visit some salons near your home.

2. The massage is good for the people who suffering headache. By releasing tensions and stress, it can minimize your headache to a great extent.



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