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How to Give up Smoking Cigarettes Forever

Giving up smoking is never an easy task. People always believe that giving up smoking can be a hard time for physical, social and mental reasons. As a result, a few people can do it from beginning to end. However, never be disappointed. There are many methods to help you get out of the bad habit. Here we offer some instructions on how to give up smoking forever.


  1. Make a plan and pick a quit day to have a start. A good plan will help you to solve problems through the whole process. If you are trying some antidepressant to quit smoking, you should take them for two weeks before you start to quit smoking.
  2. Tell your decision to your friends and family. They will offer their help whenever you need and encourage you when you want to give up or warn you when you pick another cigarette. Their support will help you to go through the difficult time.
  3. Remove all smoking-related things. Throw away all cigarettes you have, the lighters, the ashtrays and even some things that remind you of smoking. It will far reduce your craving for smoking.
  4. Keep yourself busy at the first few days. It will distract your mind from smoking. And visit some place where smoking is not allowed. You can even develop some new hobbies to keep yourself occupied.
  5. Reward yourself when make progress. For example, if you do not smoke for five days, you will save some money. Now use the money to buy something you like except cigarettes.
  6. Focus on the quitting thing only and ignore your weight in the first three months. Nothing can be perfect. You may gain weight when you start giving up smoking. However, don’t worry. It is a good sign which means you become healthier than before.

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