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How to Give a Foot Massage

As we know, our feet are taking the whole pressure when we move from one place to another which makes them worn and sore. There is no better experience than giving yourself a foot massage. It also can be considered as the best gift for your friends and family. With its great effects on foot relaxation and tension release, everybody wants to have a try. Here are some steps and tips.


  1. Soak your feet in warm water. And remember to put some Epsom salts in the water which can help you to relax your feet before the massage. 5-10 minutes later, dry your feet completely.
  2. Move your hand gently and slowly over your feet with some lotion or cream on it. The strokes should be ranged from your toes to your ankle.
  3. Increase the pressure now. Gently slide your thumbs of both hands between the ankle and toes. Use the right amount of pressure which is not too light or too deep. Adjust it to your favorite amount.
  4. Use your thumbs to make circular motions over the soles of the feet. Repeat several times and then massage the other part of your foot bottom. Keep your action steady and firmly.
  5. Massage your toes, one at a time. Rub it with small circular movement of your fingers. You can also stretch your feet if you want to. It will let your toes more relaxed. Then you need to bend and rotate your toe which can loosen the muscles. Treat your toes one by one and rub it from the bottom to the tip.
  6. Shake your feet with the help of your hands. By moving towards to the opposite directions, stretch your feet.
  7. You can repeat the process as you like. In the end, remember to remove the excess lotion.


  • A hot towel will let the experience more wonderful.
  • If you do a foot massage for your friends, you need to let them lean back against on a soft pillow. And try to make the massage room comfortable and relaxing by playing some music and lighting some candles.
  • Once your hands are tired, shake them to have a rest.


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