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How to Give A Back Massage

As the name implies, Back Massage is a kind of massage that puts emphasis on your back. After spending all day at your desk, the back is exhausted and needs a break. You can have a hot bath when return home. However, the most effective way is to take a back massage. You can ask your family or friends to do it for you or just the other way around. You can learn the basic skills in our article.

  1. Prepare a comfortable massage table.  It will give you the best experience. If you do not have it, the floor, couch, kitchen table and bed can be your alternatives. They all have merits and demerits. For example, the kitchen table has the right height and it enables you to circle all the way around. But the partner may not be able to find a good place to put their head. You need to put a pillow on the place the people lie on. And a sheet is used here to catch excess oil.
  2. The room is also important.  No noise is allowed. You need to make sure the temperature is at the most comfortable level. And people in favor of soft light when doing a massage.
  3. Ask your partner to lie face down with a towel wrapped.  The back should be exposed. With eyes closed, your partner is ready for the treatment. And you should tell the person just before you start.
  4. Now, you need to place massage oil into your hand.  Warm it and be careful. Never drop oils on the partner’ skin. By putting your hands on the back, lightly touch it and spread the oil around. You should make sure the oil is enough.
  5. Place both hands flat on the back and slide your hands gently. The circular motions should not be stopped until you reach the neck area. You can add pressure each time. Repeat the whole movement three more times.
  6. Use your fingertips to massage the rib cage. Make sure your fingertips are directed at the floor. Sweep the area from their hip to the rib cage with squeezing motion. The other side should be treated as the same way.

Tips and warnings

1. Different people may have different tolerance to pressure. So when you start to add pressure, never forget to ask your partner.

2. If you run out of massage oil, baby oil is also acceptable. Homemade oil can even be better since it combines different kinds of oil.

3. When you finish the massage, ask your partner to get up slowly. Since they have relaxed for a long time, their body may powerless and as a result, unexpected accidents may happen.



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