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Published on August 2nd, 2013 | by Tom


How to Get Rid of Split Ends Naturally

Splits ends occur when the cuticle is damaged and the fibers of the cortex unravel. They make your hair look even frizzier. Are you troubled with these awful looking split ends? Try these instructions to take care of your hair and get rid of split ends from occurring again.

Split ends can be caused by many factors, including: too much brushing, overuse of styling products, lack of regular trimming, using wrong products, improper heating, towel drying and etc. So, to prevent split ends, you should:

  • Trim your hair regularly. Hairs get damaged after a certain period. You should remove the damaged hair to keep hair growing strong. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. And try to trim your hair when it dry, for wet trimming will lead to split ends.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends Naturally

  • Choose hair shears. Never use regular paper scissors to replace the hair shear, which will cause more split ends. When you want to cut the hair, choose hair shears and cut straightly across the ends, never at an angle which can improve the occurrence of split ends.
  • Limit the heat. Heat quickly will reduce the natural moisture balance of hair. If heat is necessary, try to sprayed thermal protectant to prevent split ends.
  • Keep the hair moist. Shampoo your hair with the products that work best for your hair. And keep using a moisturizing formula. Keep the hair moist by daily moisturizing with water-based moisturizing products and oils.
  • Avoid towel drying. Drying the hair with a towel is very harmful to the health of hair. Avoid towel drying. Instead, gently squeeze the water out of your hair with a towel.

How to Get Rid of Split Ends Naturally

  • Avoid excessive combing. Excessive combing will cause your hair to break. And try to find a hair friendly comb or brush. And comb the hair gently.
  • Keep away from chemicals. Chemical process like color treatment can break down and degrade to the cuticle and then lead to split ends. Avoid changing your style too often. Style as usual and limit the use of styling products as much as possible.
  • Do deep conditioning more. Deep conditioning with quality moisturizing conditioners and protein can restore the moisture balance of hair and works great for split end prevention. Try to do deep conditioning once a week if possible.

How to prevent split ends

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