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Published on May 26th, 2013 | by Tom


How to get rid of smoking smell in house

 Getting rid of Smoking Smell is easy but time-consuming. Some products have been put into the market like sprays and room deodorizers to help housewives to remove the cigarettes’ smell. It must be uncomfortable for people to live when there is a smoky smell in your home. Here we introduce some steps to help you get rid of the smoking smell completely.


  1. Find the room that has a heavy smell of smoking.
  2. Get a scented candle and light it. Its pleasant-smelling will cover smoking smell. And remember to leave it there until you cannot smell smoking smell at all.
  3. Open its window to refresh the air. It will have better effects if you can put a fan in it,
  4. Check the room and remove any smoking-related things like ashtrays.
  5. Spray the whole room with Febreze, including the furniture and drapes. Victoria’s Secret perfume is recommended here.

Tips &Warnings

  • Never close the whole door when there is a candle lighting in your house. And the candle should be far away from anything combustible like wooden furniture.
  • Covering the smoking smell up is not a good idea. When the smell of air fresheners evaporates or disappears, the smoking smell is still there. So always keep your window open and let fresh air come in.

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