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How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy, Treatments of Poison Ivy

Summer is a wonderful season for outdoor activities like camping or hiking, but you may find red rash on your skin after spending a day in woods or gardening. Those itchy red bumps, caused by exposure to Poison Ivy or oak, can last for 1-3 weeks or longer. Read this article and equip yourself with some home remedies to make yourself more comfortable.

Home remedies for poison ivy and Poison Oak

  1. Medicated Body Powder and rubbing alcohol make a quick and effective remedy for poison ivy exposure. Clean the affected area, and rub a layer of alcohol for disinfection until the area is dry. Then spread the medicated body power on it and use gauze to warp it.
  2. Banana peel is a wonderful choice as a temporary solution if you don’t have body powder or alcohol right in your hands. Simply cover the rash area with the inside of the banana peels, hoping that this will temporarily ease the itchiness before you get a better cure.
  3. Potato or oatmeal pastes can also serve as alternative options. Put the potato in the blender and make a paste of potato fluid and apply it on the irritated area. You can also add it into bathwater. And oatmeal works the same here.
  4. Rubbing high alcoholic beverage like vodka or vinegar works the same with rubbing alcohol in preventing infection. The reason is that, the substance in poison ivy or oak that causes the rash can be washed away by alcohol.
  5. It is very popular to use a glass of cold, black coffee as a cure since chromogenic acid it contains can act as an anti-inflammatory and may help to ease the itchiness.
  6. Acorns turn out to be an easy and powerful remedy. Crack the acorns and boil them in water, after the liquid is cool apply them to your red rash.
  7. Making a baking soda paste also works great for poison ivy. Mix 3 parts of baking soda with 1 parts of water, and use the paste to your drain out the fluid out of the blisters of you red rash.
  8. You can also use butter milk or yogurt. The procedures are the same with applying soda paste.

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