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Published on June 6th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy Plants

Poison Ivy easily overgrows in your garden. Human are found as the only known creature allergic to poison ivy. If it appears in the areas where people do not go, you can just leave it alone. However, if you find it grows around your house, you’d better take methods immediately to get rid of them.

1. If someone is not so allergic to the poison ivy, you can ask him/her to pull out it from the soil.

2. You can apply an herbicide to kill the poison ivy. You can choose a natural herbicide which is made from plant oils. There is also specific poison ivy killer for your option. You should first read the instructions on the label carefully. Then you can pour the herbicide into a sprayer and put it in a place out of the pets’ and children’s reach.

3. You should choose a sunny and windless day to spray the solution on the poison ivy. When you do this, you need wear gloves, long pants, shirts with long sleeves. Your feet should be fully covered by shoes.

4. You can apply cardboard, black plastic, and newspaper to cover the place where poison ivy is growing, which stops the ivy from growing again.

5. If you have any direct contact with the poison ivy, you should cleanse the skin. Then you can cleanse it again with soap.

6. You should check the areas several times after you have done all the above things in case the poison ivy grows again.


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