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Home Remedies for Pink Eye, Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast

Pink Eye, also called conjunctivitis, is inflammation of the conjunctiva and cause swelling, itching, burning and redness inside the eyelid. Being a common eye problem for both adults and children, you may don’t have to go for a doctor if the situation is not severe. Here are some home remedies for pink eye recommended for you.

  • Colloidal silver can help nip the pink eye in the bud. Place few drops in each eye and swipe around the entire eye with a soaked cotton ball.
  • Run a washcloth under hot water, wring out the washcloth, and place it over the affected eye. 3 simple steps but you can get immediate relief.
  • Collect a few drops of your own urine and dilute it with water (about 50/50). Then dip Q-tip in the urine and squeeze 2 drops into the affected eye. Sound a little ridiculous, but it can get amazing effect and instant relief.
  • Breast milk works well for children. Squirt some breast milk in the affected eye. And the redness, itching will never back.
  • Mix one teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 c. water. Use cotton ball to dip in the mixture and squeeze the solution in eyes. Stand the crazy sting and you will find the red eye reduced drastically.
  • Fresh lime. Cut a fresh lime in half, close the affected eye and use one half of the lime to wash the outside area, try open your eyes when the affected area still moist with lime juice, wash the lime juice under running warn water, dry with soft towel, rub another half of the lime with a Q-tip, clean the inside part of the eyelids and tear ducts but not touch the eyeball, repeat the Q-tip process but remember use the new Q-tips at least 3 times within 10 minutes. Some people find this solution works instantly.

Home Remedies for Pink Eye, Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast

Tips and warnings

  • Wash your hands before you rub your eyes
  • Thoroughly clean your contacts before wearing them again.
  • Be careful with your Eye Makeup which may well be sources of the infection.
  • Do not share your eye medicine including both prescribed and non-prescribed medicines.
  • Take preventive measures if you have kids or guests in your home while you are suffering from pink eye.
  • Reach the doctor if you have severe pain in your eyes.

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