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How to Get Rid of Mucus in your Throat

Increased mucus production in your ears, nose, chest or throat is a symptom of many common ailments, such as cold. If you are suffering from mucous problem for a long period of time, you should ask a doctor for help. However, if all things are under control, you should make efforts by yourself to get rid of mucus. Fortunately, there are many ways you can try to help thin the mucous and keep it away for a long time. Here we list home remedies to help you to deal with the annoying disease.

Home Remedies for mucus

  1. Steam inhalations. Prepare a bowl of hot water and take advantage of the steam by inhaling them. Breathe in and out slowly for 5 to 10 minutes which can relax and loosen mucus in your throat and nasal cavity.
  2. Use salt water to rinse your mouth and nasal passages. The salt water has a function of sterilization and inflammation reducing. It can well clear the back of the throat. Of course, you can never put too much salt as it may irritate the throat and worsen the situation.
  3. Take medicines if necessary. Expectorant is a good choice. It can help you to expel the excessive mucous from your body. Consume adequate water to take the medicines. Whenever the mucous becomes loose, spit it out. Never swallows it.
  4. Consume garlic. Garlic is very helpful for our health and beauty as well. It is a good solution for many small diseases and common problems. You can add it to your dishes which can help you to get rid of phlegm. If honey is available, you can mix it with small pieces if garlic which give relief to your sore throat.
  5. Drink tea. In general, any tea is helpful and you can drink any tea you like. But make sure it is warm and nice. In fact, you can add something else into it like honey and lemon as the honey will soothe the throat and the lemon will cut through the mucus. Ginger tea is highly recommended with its surprise effects on mucus.
  6. Eat spicy foods. You can add a few pinches of cayenne pepper to your dishes. Hot chill will loosen up mucus and as a result, clear your throat and sinuses.
  7. Stop smoking if you can. Smoking is nothing but a poison. In fact, you should never start to smoke at the very beginning. When you are sick, especially for some respiratory diseases, smoking will greatly extend your recovery time. Try your best to keep smoking away from your daily life.
  8. Hum is also effective. It is a good way to clear your throat by creating vibrations that are strong enough to destroy the mucus. This is a common thing we will do when we want to bring back our normal voice.
  9. Take a hot and long bath if possible. The steam and heat from the water will do great favor to your health. Small illness will disappear by itself if you keep a healthy lifestyle.

How to Get Rid of Mucus in your Throat

Tips and warnings

  • Raise your head while you are sleeping. It can reduce the accumulation of mucous in your nasal system.
  • The above methods are only suggestible when you find yourself have excessive mucus, especially when it turns to green and yellow.
  • Milk, eggs and chocolate should be avoided during this period of time.


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