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Published on June 16th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites, Stop Itching

Everyone, especially people who enjoy outdoor activities, is likely to get bitten by mosquitoes. They carry different life-threatening virus which may infect a large number of people. Well, let’s put it in a more specific way, many people bother with the itchiness and swelling led by the bite of mosquitoes. In this article, we provide you with some natural mosquito bite treatments and home remedies to aid you to get rid of Mosquito Bites and stop Itching.

Mosquito Bites Treatments

  • Use peppermint. Experiences tell us that a dab of toothpaste can relieve the pain and itchiness of a mosquito bite. Actually, the minty-fresh flavoring is one of the big driving forces behind this magic. Because our brain can only deal with one sensation at a time, the cooling sensation brings by peppermint stop the itchy feeling. So if peppermint is available, you can make a mask out from it.
  • Slap or pinch yourself. It works for the same reason as we discussed before. The pain of slapping and pinching may fool your brain and make you forget the itching in a short time. If you find the itchy feeling is more annoying than physical pain, you can try this method.
  • Dab the bite with essential oils. It can not only reduce the pain and swelling of a mosquito bite, but also can protect you from infection at the bite spot. Tea tree oil is favored by most of the people because of its effectiveness. However, if you are a fan of lavender, you can try lavender oil. It benefits too.
  • Baking soda is also useful. As we know, sodium bicarbonate is a mild alkaline compound that can help neutralize the pH balance of your skin. It can ease the pain and soreness on your skin. There are two ways that you can use it. First, you can melt it with plenty of water, and then soak the bitten area for about a half hour. Second, you can simply make a paste out of it by using a little water. Then apply it directly to the bitten skin.
  • Tea Bag is effective too. It is especially useful for the puffiness of your eyes. Well, it also does wonders for the reduction of swelling on bites. The tannins in teas play a vital role which can help you to draw extra fluid out of the bitten site.

Home Remedies for mosquitoes bites 

  1. Apply ice cube. If you want to get rid of the itchiness of mosquitos’ bites in the easiest way, you should try this one. Grab some ice cubes from your refrigerator and place it on the bitten area. The coolness will ease your pain and itchiness. Very cold water is another choice.
  2. Put Banana peel on the itchy area. In spite of the lack of research in the effectiveness of banana peel, some people regard it as a very helpful remedy. The reasons are unclear, but it works. So most people want to try it and it never let you down.
  3. Use clear Nail Polish. Well, we cannot explain it in a scientific way, but it is worth your shot. Put some clear nail polish on your bitten place like you paint your nails, and in about 5 minutes, it will dry. Peel it off and if the pain does not disappear, you can reapply it.
  4. Put a piece of scotch tape on the bitten skin. It is another useful option. Before you place the tape, you can dab rubbing alcohol or ammonia on the area first. It is really easy. Try it and you will not regret.

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