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How to Get Rid of Cramps Fast

You may get Cramps from time to time no matter what your age, sex and ethnicity are. You may just be suffering from it. Then when cramp happens, what should you do? The following steps may help you get rid of cramps.

  1. Place a hot towel on the cramp area to relax the muscle and increase the Blood flow. 20 minutes are suggested. You should never put a cold one as it can only numb the pain. Remember to reapply it after 30 minutes.
  2. Stretch your body. Get some pillows and elevate your legs on it. A foot or two above the rest of your body is best.
  3. Walk around if you can. This can also help you stretch the muscles.
  4. Have a hot and long shower. If conditions permit, you can soak yourself in the bath and Epsom salts may be helpful.
  5. Massage the central point of the cramp. Find the right area and use your fingers to press it with enough pressure. Keep the press about 10 seconds and ease off for about 10 seconds. In the whole process, you may feel uncomfortable. But it will not last long.
  6. Take medicine for immediate pain relief. NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen are effective for pain treatment.
  7. Press your stomach and massage your abdomen. Place gentle pressure on stomach for 10 seconds. Or massage abdomen form front then, back to your lower back.Both can soothe some of the pain.

How to Get Rid of Cramps Fast, Home Remedies

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Tips and warnings

  • In your daily life, you should make sure to take at least 250mg vitamin E per day. It well decreases the happening of cramps.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after some exercises. Never drink too much. In some cases, it may increase the frequency of cramping
  • Eat fresh fruits such as bananas, peaches. The minerals and vitamins can keep you away from cramps.

Well, if you feel being relieved, you ought to have some basic knowledge about cramp.

What is a Cramp anyway?

According to Wikipedia, cramp is uncomfortable and even painful sensations because of Muscle contraction. The muscles of our body have two major types; voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles respectively. Just as the name implies, voluntary muscle is a kind of muscle that you can control as you like, like your hands and feet. The two types of muscles may experience cramp sometimes. But the former one is more common.

In fact, cramp can also be categorized into several types according to their causes.

The first one is an injury cramp. It is a reactionary method of the body from injuries. It can avoid any movement of the injured area and thus minimize the injury degree.

The second one is activities cramp which is caused by vigorous activities, especially when you suddenly do some unfamiliar exercises. It may happen right away or few hours later. In fact, the direct cause of cramp is the dehydration after excessive activities. The loss of water leads to a decrease in blood volume. As a result, you muscle may start to cramp.

The last one is caused by the depletion of certain minerals in the body, like calcium and magnesium. Several minerals deficiency will end in cramp. Keeping a good Diet and taking in plenty of minerals is the simplest way to get rid of this kind of cramp.



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