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How to get rid of Stink Bugs in the House Naturally

Stink Bugs are rapidly spreading as an unwanted pest. The odor is a deterrent against predators and also a terribly pungent reminder that you have a pest problem. They emit a foul odor when attacked or disturbed so extreme caution should be used when dealing with these smelly creatures. Never squish them as they are equipped with glands that emit a foul odor if they sense a threat releasing a malodorous chemical. Seal off all entry points around your home

1. Call a Professional Exterminator

For complete eradication you need to call in a certified pest controller will not only eliminate existing bugs by using special chemicals but also secure your house by sealing all the prospective entry points.

2. Seal Your House Properly

The best preventive measure in this regard is to keep them off your home in the first place. Eradicate foliage, weeds and other attractive flowers from the perimeters of your home and check your house thoroughly so as to ensure that there are no cracks or holes left in any entry point. Normally, cracks on doors, windows or utility pipes allow stink bugs to enter your home. Having found any crack seal them as they are very tiny and have a knack for finding small holes or cracks. While taking this preventive measure keep in mind that stink bugs mostly start invading homes during the close of fall.

How to kill Stink Bugs

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3. Deter Stink Bugs Outside Of Your Home

With the help of chemical sprays draw a defensive border outside your home. organic sprays do not eliminate them in an effective manner since stink bugs have strong shield. It is better to spray in the surroundings of your home a synthetic insecticide, cypermethrin. It is a potent nerve poison that lasts on inert surfaces for a longer period of time. Also, to increase the coverage of the chemical on the surface and to slow down chemical residue loss use spreader sticker while adding it to the spray mix.

4. Use Water Detergent

Use soap solution which will give you result since stink bugs cannot survive in water. Soap solution causes them to die as it penetrates into their shield. Mix equal quantity of water with liquid detergent and spray it on individual bugs. It is cost-effective and result oriented, although it is time-consuming.

5. Use the Weapon of Vacuum Cleaners

The best possible way to get rid of them is to use vacuum cleaners as stink bugs take advantage of loophole and enter the house. Through the vacuum hose you can suck up stink bugs. Seal the bag immediately once you have collected the entire stink bugs population present in your home and dispose them off somewhere far away from your home, because their foul smell can invite other stink bugs to your home.

6. Light Traps

Stink bugs are attracted to light. Therefore, installing few light traps in your basement can catch and kill the pests before they enter the rest of your home. On a daily basis check the traps and empty them.image via

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