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Published on June 16th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Get Rid of House Flies with Cloves

House flies are small but annoying. Have you ever bothered with the unwelcome small bugs when you are having a pleasant picnic? You may badly need a simple and cheap way to get rid of the house flies. According to many people’s experience, we conclude an effective way by using gloves to help you to keep flies far away. Here are some instructions.

  1. Prepare 20-30 cloves and an apple. You can take any kinds of apples as the cloves play the leading role. Poke the apple with cloves which look like sticks with balls on the end . Then the apple becomes a fly repellent. You can put it beside you. In a very short time, you will find that the flies are gone.
  2. Add several drops of clove oil into your cleaning supplies like the mop water and glass cleaner. Well, remember never to put it into any liquid that will have a contact with fabrics. It may cause stains on them. Furthermore, it has a fragrant smell which makes it be a really good choice.
  3. Hang clove bouquets. You can make it by yourself or just buy it. In order to make it much more beautiful, you can add some decorative things like ribbons, flowers and green plants. Find a suitable place where flies are becoming a problem.
  4. Use some clover powder. You can crush the powder into a nylon stocking and then hang it in some place where there are lots of flies. For example, the horse stall and barn or chicken coop. You can increase the amount according to the real situation. Remember to replace the powder in every 2 months.

Tips and warnings

You can get rid of flies by using its phototaxis. When you find a fly in your apartment in a night, you can turn off your lights and only leave the bathroom light. Then the fly will walk into the trap. You can catch it easily.

You can kill a bunch of flies with the help of a cup of soapy water. By raising the cup near the flies in an early morning, the flies will start to fly and result in stuck in the water.

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