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Published on August 1st, 2013 | by Tom


How to Get Rid Of Hiccups Fast

It must be an embarrassing experience when you cannot stop your hiccups in public places. Hiccups are involuntary action when the air released by your stomach is stopped or halted for some reasons. I bet everyone may experience it more than once. And you may have your own way to get rid of it. Here we summarize few methods and want to share with you. You can just choose the most suitable one for yourself.

  • Hold your breath. In fact, there are a variety of solutions that are related to breathing. Some may prefer to take deep breaths instead of holding their breath. Udermann once said anything you do about breath may affect the nerve impulse from your brain and then may stop your hiccups. Try it to see whether it is suitable for you.
  • Eat or drink something. For some people, a piece of bread is a good choice. It has an amazing effect. Peanut butter and ice cream may be favored by women. However, take no more than 5 teaspoons of sugar a day if you do want to gain weight because of hiccups. Drink some water can also be helpful which depends on your body.
  • Do something to distract your attention. For example, you can go for a run and do other mild exercises. Study finds that slap or pinch yourself may even work for somebody. It can stimulate your nerves and distract your nervous system away from hiccupping. A little scare is helpful too. You can ask some friends to scare you before you notice. For some reasons, it can scare your hiccups away.
  •  Stick out your tongue. It is also an effective way to stop hiccups. When you pull out your tongue, you may stimulate some parts of your throat and spare some room for the air. It is a funny way. It is worth a shot.
  • Place your fingers over your ears gently. This can stimulate the nerve endings there and make the vagus nerve goes into action.
  • End the hiccups by “surprise”. If you get scared suddenly, the vagus nerve will be overwhelmed and thus end the hiccups.
  • Antacid is effective. Take antacid containing magnesium whose mineral can decrease irritation and quiet the nerves.
  • Cough when you want to hiccup. Count the time between hiccups and when you feel a hiccup is coming or the time should be coming, cough loudly and scream. Repeat this 3 or 4 times.


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