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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Tom


How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Face

Many factors may lead to dark spots on face, including hormonal imbalance, excessive sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and skin disorders. Not only being a sign of skin damage, but also unsightly and embarrassing, you may be annoyed with those dark spots on your face. Wandering how to remove those unsightly dark spots on your face? Try home remedies here to get rid of them naturally now.

Juices: there are many juices that are useful in treating dark spots and lightening the skin

1. Lemon juices may be the most powerful juices that can be served as dark spots removal. It is strongly acidic and rich in vitamin C.

  •  Apply lemon juice directly to the affected area for half an hour and rinse it out
  •  Make a paste out of lemon juice and honey and then apply it over the dark spots
  • Mix lemon juice, cucumber juice and rose water to treat the dark spots on your face
  • A paste made of lemon juice and turmeric can fade dark spots effectively as well.

2. Cucumber juice: another effective juice for removing dark spots. You can apply it directly, but the mixture with lemon juice was proved to be more effective.

3. Coriander juice: mix it with turmeric and apply to the dark spots, another effective solution.

4. Carrot juice and pineapple juice: the mixture of these two on the face for about 20 minutes can result good effects on dark spots removal

5. Onion juice: usually mixed with apple cider vinegar to serve as a natural remedy for dark spots, it can lighten the skin fast.

6. Horseradish juice: apply the horseradish juice mixed with warm milk to get rid of dark spots on your face

7. Aloe vera juice: run it directly on the affected area daily and last the treatment for several weeks can remove the discoloration and make you look better.

8. Raw potato juice: a potential solution for fading dark spots.

Oils: many natural oils can do wanders in fading and removing dark spots too.

1. Castor oil: gently rub this oil on the affected area with your fingers doing circular motions. Do it twice a day to reduce dark spots.

2. Coconut oil: regular application of coconut oil can prevent dark spots from developing and help lighten the skin effectively

3. Vitamin E oil: rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E oil can help blenching dark spots on face as well.

Dairy products: some dairy products are also proved to be effective in fighting against dark spots

1. Milk: wash your face with sour milk or dab it to the affected area with a cotton ball. For oily skin, the mixture of milk of lemon juice may be better. You can also make a thin paste with milk and ground yellow mustard and apply before your bedtime. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

2. Buttermilk: also apply it with a cotton ball or use it to wash your face to get immediate effect. It works well for it contains lactic acid which is good for skin

3. Yogurt: a paste made of organic yogurt and lime juice over the face for half an hour can help get rid of dark spots.

Other options:

  • Wear sunscreen cream to prevent the dark spots caused by sun exposure.
  • Sandalwood powder with glycerin and rose water can remove dark spots too.
  • The mixture of honey and brown sugar can remove the dead cell causing discoloration.
  • Turmeric is also an effective skin-lighten agent
  • Papaya contains the enzymes that can exfoliate the skin and even out the skin tone.
  • Green Tea extract that naturally rich in antioxidants can be applied to fade dark spots as well.

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