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Published on June 16th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Over-washing hair or washing with wrong, harsh shampoos or excessive use of hair products, all of these may cause dandruff. Resulting from the excessive flaking of dead skin cells from the scalp, dandruff is very common for both men and women. If itchy, scaly dandruff has your scratching your head, follow our suggestions including some good home remedies to give your dandruff the brush-off.

Use dandruff shampoo to wash your hair regularly. Keep the shampoo in for no less than 5 minutes to give time for the shampoo to work before you wash it off. Use it to wash your hair every day until the condition become well. Then, just wash your hair with it 2-3 times a week. Remember comb the hair after you shampoo and shower.

Use good hair products that won’t cause dandruff. And use a good conditioner. Remember the conditioner should be used on the hair rather than the scalp. Wash the conditioner in your hair thoroughly.

If you don’t prefer to the shampoo over-the-counter, here we provide some home remedies and you can try these with some natural resources.

  1. Vinegar. The mixture of one deciliter vinegar with one deciliter of water is good for dandruff treatment. Rinse your scalp with it after you wash your hair with a shampoo.
  2. Bay leaf. Put a handful of crushed bay leaf into a liter of boiling water and cover the bowl for 20 minutes. Then, rinse the scalp when it cools to a suitable temperature and wash it off with water after an hour.
  3. Oil. Baby oil, coconut oil and tea tree oil are all useful for you to get rid of dandruff. For baby oil, apply it on the scalp before your bedtime. Cover your hair with a towel when you sleep to keep the oil in for a night and wash it off in the morning. For coconut oil, put it on your scalp (avoid getting in the rest of hair) after you wash your hair and wash it off thoroughly. For tea tree oil, you can get shampoo with tea tree oil and rub it on your scalp. Keep it for 5 minutes and wash it off with water.
  4. Onion. Apply a paste of onion into the scalp and leave it for one hour. Then, wash it completely and apply lemon juice to remove the smell of onion.
  5. Lemon and garlic. Create a paste with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoon of garlic. Apply the paste to the scalp. Lemon juice is useful for flakes and garlic can kill the bacteria effectively. Keep it on your scalp for about half an hour and wash your hair with shampoo.
  6. Fenugreek seeds and oil. Put the seeds in water for one night to mash them into about half cup of warm coconut or olive oil. Then, apply it to the scalp and keep it in for 2-3 hours.

Maintain healthy diet. Control the intake of fried foods, sugar, and chocolate and eat more natural foods and fruits that contain good amount of vitamin C and vitamin E: oranges, red sweet pepper, kiwi, strawberries, guava, peanuts, wheat, fish, and almonds.



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