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How To Get Rid Of Clogged Pores

Cleaning clogged pores is one of the basic procedures of our skin care. Clogged pores may cause serious skin issues, such as large pores, blackheads and pimples. Pores get clogged mainly because dead skin cells, dirt in the outside environment and other small particles accumulated in our pores and have not been cleaned out in time. This article provides you three easy ways to solve this problem.

For facial steaming

  • The basic step: washing. The first step for fighting with clogged pores is to wash your face completely clean. Completely clean does not mean that you have to wash your face with strong removers or wash it many times a day. It requires patience to do the work thoroughly and in a step by step way. First use makeup remover to remove chemical products on your face. Then rinse your face with warm water and apply gentle facial cleanser to it. Pat your face dry gently with a towel.
  • Heat the water. Put a pot of water on stove and heat it until it starts to steam. You can remove the hot water into a bowl or just leave it into the pot. You may also add different teas or tea tree oil to cure acne.
  • Put your face over the steam. You’d better lie down and put your face above the steam. Don’t put your face too close in case of getting burned since the skin on your face is more fragile than the skin of your body.
  • Wash your face. Remember to wash your face with cool water because cool water will tighten the pores which are wide open because of the heat.

Use facial masks

  • Clay mask. Clay is extremely effective subject for dealing with oily skins. Clay masks have strong pulling force; it can drag out the subsistence accumulated in our pores. Clay masks are available at supermarkets or beauty stores; they also have different ingredients and effectiveness for you to choose according to your own condition. Apply the mask 1-2 times a week.
  • Alpha hydroxy acid mask. Such kind of mask contains lots of chemical additives, so for sensitive skin type people, look twice before you buy it. This product needs no rubbing; you only need to apply it on your face and wait for 15 minutes, then wash it off. Escape the areas around your eyes. Remember to apply moisturizer after your face is dry.


  • Dry brush method. Buy yourself a gentle facial brush; make sure it is made from natural fibers since other materials may be harsh for your skin. Clean up your face and dry it. Then apply the dry brush onto your face by moving in small circles; after finishing the whole face, wash your face and apply moisturizer.
  • Facial scrub method. Go to store or online to find a facial scrub which suits your skin type. To apply the scrub, first, you need to clean your face, and then rub it gently. Pay attention to the areas around your eyes because the skin there is particularly thin and fragile. Wash your face after finishing rubbing, and then apply moisturizer.

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