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Published on June 6th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in your Fridge

A fridge is convenient for you to store food, but it causes troubles, too. Have you ever felt annoyed with bad smells in your fridge? Have you ever been fed up with the rotten smells? It is necessary to clean the fridge regularly in order to stay away from unpleasant odors. Take a few steps and you will not worry about it again:

1. Clean up your fridge thoroughly. It involves several steps:

  •  Turn off the fridge and unplug it.
  •  Take all things out of the fridge and throw out aged or inedible food. Sort out things you rarely use, too. Do remember to place the fresh food in a cooler while you clean. You can also remove all shelves and bins.
  •  Mix baking soda with warm water and apply the mixture to wipe the fridge inside and outside with a cloth. Soapy water is useful, too. Remember to clean rubber door closure areas, too.
  •  Clean the drip tray. It is placed beneath the fridge. You carefully pull it out, dump the dirty water, and clean it.
  •  Do not use hot water to wash a cold shelf. Otherwise the sudden change of temperature would shatter the glass.

2. Organize your fridge properly. You can put meats, cheese, and butter in on shelf, and vegetables on another. Remember to store meats on the bottom shelf in case that meat juice drips on to the shelves below. Drinks should be placed on one shelf and dressing and sauces should be put on another.

3. Apply a deodorizer or use baking soda to dispel bad smells.

4. Mix vinegar with water. It is an effective solution since vinegar neutralizes the bad smells as baking soda.

5. Apply oats as an odor-absorber. A bowl of oats will suck in bad smells in your fridge.

6. Apply coffee grounds. The bad smells will go away within a few days after you put bowls of coffee grounds on different shelves in your fridge. You can turn the fridge to a low temperature and leave in the door closed for several days.

7. The activated charcoal has the same effects, too. You cannot use briquettes with flammable additives because those are poisonous. You can buy activated charcoal in pet stores and drugstores. And the charcoal can be used for a second time if you put it in the oven at 180 ºC for 20 minutes.

8. Clean your fridge up once every month.

9. Keep food in airtight containers as much as possible, which keeps them fresher and the smells cannot spread very quickly.

10. Remember not to apply rough cleanse items to clean the fridge. They may scratch the glass shelf and the refrigerator surface.


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