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How to Get Rid of Cockroach

Cockroaches are of different species. They are common pests which stay in restaurants, homes, schools and grocery stores. They are the pests which are the oldest. Cockroaches are responsible for bacteria diseases to humans, and contamination of food and water and association of reactions which are allergic.  You must keep your home and surroundings clean to avoid cockroach. Cleanliness is what will prevent your home to get invaded.

But if cockroaches have already invaded you need to eliminate them from your surrounding and that can be done in four simple ways.

Step 1: Finding the Infestation

It is important to know what species of cockroaches have invaded your home or business. You will also like to know which areas of your surrounding have been infested so you can decide your efforts to eradicate them. Inspection of your home must be done carefully for any areas where cockroaches can breed. The bathroom and kitchen are the most common places where cockroaches breed because they are confined, moist and dark spaces.

How to Get Rid of german & american  Cockroach

Step 2: Elimination of Harborage:

It is found that cockroaches live in small crevices and cracks around the corners of your home. Sealing up of these cracks will limit the space where they can stay. In buildings where many families reside there are holes around pipes which can provide harborage and points to enter provide harborage. If your neighbor has cockroaches in his home you are prone to have them in your house.

·    Sink pipes.

·    Heater pipes.

·    Tiles

·    Grout and loose tiles.

Step 3: Eliminate Food and Water Sources 

Cockroach come in your home because it is a good place they can get food and water. You should control availability to food and water if you want to eradicate cockroaches. Since cockroaches reproduce frequently and quickly it is not easy to eliminate them.

You need to make sure that food is stored in tightly sealed containers – this includes sugar, cereals, crackers, and other goods stored in your cupboards.

You need to get your home pest controlled. You should maintain cleanliness everywhere be it your home, your restaurant, or your grocery shop

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