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Published on June 19th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Get rid of a Hickey, What is a Hickey

Hickey, like a bruise, is something easy to get but hard to remove. It happens when you go out with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You may never want to go to work with an obvious hickey around your neck. It is really embarrassing. Well, it is not the end of the world. You can try few tricks to get rid of hickeys. However, before you try I’d like to tell you that those methods may not be effective for you since there is not much research that has been done that related to hickey removal.

Remove a Hickey: 

  1. Take advantage of the coldness to reduce the swelling. Please wrap some ice cubes in a towel and place it over your hickey. In up to 20 minutes, remove it. A pre-frozen spoon can also be helpful. The cold feeling may fade after several minutes. So you may need to repeat the freezing process.
  2. Use a toothbrush or a comb to brush the affected area. It is an easy and interesting way to get rid of the hickey. But it has sound effects. Gently brush the wound area which will help to stimulate the circulation and decrease the swelling. Do this whole process for several times.
  3. If you find the hickey lasts for more than one day, you should try the hot method now. You can put a hot water bottle over the hickey and compress it on the area for about 10-20 minutes which will greatly ease the pain and swelling. Moist heat is better than dry ones. Remember to make use of this method only after at least two days.
  4. Toothpaste can also be a good hickey removal. Rub little minty toothpaste over your hickey and after the tingling disappear, wash them off with a warm towel. The sooner you do it, the better results you will get.
  5. Lipstick or pen caps are also effective for certain people. Place lipstick or pen caps on top of your hickey. The secret of the method is that it can break up blood and increase blood circulation. It needs a lot of pressure to achieve the ideal results. But try not to hurt yourself and repeat the work several times a day.
  6. If you are not afraid of pain, you should try the coin method. It is the most painful method, but it helps too. Firstly, you need to stretch the skin around the hickey flat. Secondly, use the edge of a large coin to scrape the skin. It requires you to press quite hard. It works because it helps to push the excessive blood.
  7. The easiest way is to conceal the hickey with your makeup or just a turtleneck sweater or a scarf. Use special concealer that lighter than your skin to cover the bruise, you should do it very well in case somebody notice them.
  8. Take medicines if necessary. There are a few medications, lotions, and creams that can help with the pain of a hickey and that can help remove a hickey.

Tips and warnings

  • You should prevent the happening of a hickey in the first place. Just kiss gently.
  • In fact, a hickey is not a big deal. Never take it too seriously.
  • You can make some excuses when people notice your hickey. As it looks like a bruise, you can say that you got hit with something like a Ping-Pong ball.

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