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Published on June 3rd, 2017 | by Tom


How To Get Rid Of a Canker Sore or Mouth Ulcers

Canker Sores, also known as Mouth UlcersCanker Sore is shallow ulcers on the lining of the mouth. Believe me; you will never want to experience it since it is painful and annoying. No matter who you are and how old you are, the sores will happen to you unexpectedly. You may have burning sensation before sore appears and there are small, red lesions on the lining of your mouth. It is really painful. A simple touch may kill you. However, there is no definite answer about the cause of canker sores. In general, people who under huge pressure and stress are more likely to face the problem. And your eating habit is also an important factor. Usually, it can recover by itself in about 2 weeks. But if you want it to disappear quickly, you can try following instructions.

  1. Use some salt water to rinse your mouth. Keep the water in your mouth about 1 minute and then spit it out. Do it three times every day. Antimicrobial mouthwash is also needed. It can kill the bacteria in your mouth and avoid infections.
  2. Apply hydrogen peroxides to ease the pain. It is the most effective method to slow the development of sore. By using your fingertip, dap several drops in the right place. Place cold sore cream or gel on the infected area 3 times a day which can help you to alleviate the pain.
  3. Eat bland foods. Spicy or acidic food and drinks should be avoided. They can only aggravate the state of illness. Fruits and vegetables can be effective.
  4. Oral Medications is needed if your canker sore is getting worse. A variety of prescription medications are useful for the cure of canker sore, such as Canker-Rid®. As for the liquid drugs, you should hold the medicine in your mouth for 2 to 5 minutes before you swallow it. Children should not take it as it may cause permanent discoloration in developing teeth.
  5. Milk of Magnesia is also effective if you want to stop the pain of canker sore. As a liquid suspension of magnesium hydroxide, it is usually used as an aide to solve constipation. It is highly recommended that you can dab some of this liquid onto the infected area after you use the hydrogen peroxide. By this way, you cannot only ease your pain but also shorten the time of treatment.
  6. Flexible use of liquid antihistamine also can cure canker sore. You need to mix one part milk of magnesia and one part diphenhydramine together and then use it as an oral rinse. Never swallow them if you don’t want to get another problem to deal with. Keep it in your mouth for about 1 minute.

Tips and warnings

  • If the sore does not disappear in 10 days, you need to turn to doctors immediately.
  • Avoid junk food in your daily life, especially during this special period.
  • Brush your teeth after meals with a soft-bristled brush. It will keep your mouth free of foods which may lead to canker sore.



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