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How to Grow Taller Fast by Exercises

Several men consider to be tall is to be sexy. The height affects every aspects of life from your ability to attract the opposite sex to your confidence levels. Countless number of people search the internet for tips to Grow Taller every day and while there are various pills and other medical products available in the market that claim to help in increasing your height, it is advisable that you avoid using such products and go the natural way instead.

Some of the best exercises that have proved to be effective in increasing height are discussed below:

  • Hanging

This is one of the most simple and highly effective exercises to grow taller fast. As the name suggest you simply have to hang yourself with the help an exercise pull-up bar and keep your body suspended in the air. In this grow taller exercise you take the advantage from the natural gravitational force to increase your height. Although, it is not necessary to perform the hanging exercise every day, you must do it 2 to 3 times a week. It is also important that you don’t stress your body too much with hanging; you must do this exercise for about 10 to 15 minutes a day. Hanging makes you bones grow taller and thereby increase your height.

How to Grow Taller Fast by Exercises

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  • Toe Touch

This is another exercise routine to perform. In this exercise you need to stand straight with your feet held together keeping your hands raise straight above your head and then bend downwards to touch your toe. Remain in this position for a few seconds and then go back to the starting position before bending backwards as much as you can. Make sure that you keep your knees in a straight position at all times when you bend forward or backward. This is simple exercise that stretches every bone in the body and increases the reflexes apart from increasing your height.

How to Grow Taller Fast by Exercises

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  • Pull ups

This is another common exercise performed by many and is pretty similar to the hanging exercise. While doing this exercise you need to hang yourself from a pole or a rod and then lift your body in the upward direction so that your chest touches the rod. This is not a very exercise to do and it requires a lot of practice before you perfect it. It is advisable that you start slowly and to do 1 to 2 repetitions and then gradually increase the reps as you gain strength in your muscles to lift your body. The exercise helps in stimulating the growth of lower back.

How to Grow Taller Fast by Exercises

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  • Cobra

This is a very potent exercise that helps in increasing the height of the spinal cord. In this exercise you need to lie over a mat with your face down. Keep your hands on the floor and then lift your spin and chin. Remain in this position for a few seconds before going back to the original position. Repeat the steps a few times for about 10 – 15 minutes every day. Make sure you are consistent with your exercise routine and within a few months you would surely notice the growth in your height.

How to Grow Taller Fast by Exercises

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