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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Do a French Manicure

Like French manicure? Want to have your own French manicure? Feel the salon French manicures are too expensive? Luckily, here are steps for you to get a French manicure by yourself

  1. Soften cuticles. Prepare a bowl of warm water, whole milk or olive oil and soak your hands in it to soften you cuticles to make them easier to remove.
  2. Clip. Trim your nails with a clipper. And then, push back the cuticles with cuticle pusher
  3. File. Shape your nails by filing on the tip of the nail. Remember rub the filer in one direction. Wipe the nail dust and clean your nails with Nail Polish remover. Just go over your hand quickly with it.
  4. Paint. Choose a color that you really like and apply a first coat. Let it dry before you apply the second coat. Paint a tip on the nails by a white nail polish. Shape the area with a nail polish remover pen or a Q-tip. You can also create white tips by making short vertical strokes with white nail polish. And paint the color you like over the entire nail after the white has dried completely.
  5. Top coat. Finish with a clear top coat. It can protect your painted nails and add shine. Then, enjoy your cute manicure.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hold the brush steadily when you paint.
  • Do this in a ventilated area and don’t inhale the fumes.
  • Never file your nails in a sawing motion.


image via [deviantart]

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