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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Tom


How To Cut Fingernails and Toenails

You may spend much time on your face and eyes makeup. But, don’t forget the small areas like fingernails and toenails which actually play an important role in your look. You would not like to encounter such embarrassment of receiving strange attention when you put out your hands or when you try on the shoes. Then, start your nail grooming right now.

  • Get clippers. You need separated clippers for fingernails and toenails. Choose clippers with slightly curved blades for fingernails and clippers with bigger and straight blades for toenails. Oster Fast Feed is a brand of high quality and one of its clippers with adjustable blade is very convenient for you to change the length of cut.
  • Soften the nails. Put your nails in water for a few minutes. This will help soften them and make them easier to cut. It’s especially important for toenails which are usually tough .
  • Cut the nails. Cut your nails straight across until there no more white are left. You can leave about 1/16th inch (1.5-2 mm) on the picking hand if you are a finger-style guitarist. Remember follow the curve of the nail when you cut.
  • File the edges. You should not do this until your nails are dry. File them with a nail file to make the edges smooth. File from the side to center of your nails gently. When you think the nails are slightly triangle and not pointed, you’re finished.
  • Check over. Look the nails and check if they are all the same shape and length. If not, keep clipping and filing until they are all smooth and look the same.
  • Apply cuticle cream. The cuticle is the skin between your finger and nail and it can protect your nails from infection. Rub a bit of cream on each cuticle as you finish the clipping.

 Tips & Warnings 

  • Trimming your nails once a week can help form a habit of regular maintenance.
  • Be careful. Never cut too quickly or too much which will cause bleeding sometimes.
  • Always keep your hands and nails moist and smooth by applying nourishing oil or hand cream.



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