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How to Apply Makeup For a Natural Look

If you’re not planning to attend a costume ball or some important occasions, you don’t need to cover your face with heavy makeup. It would be terrible to wear a cake face in your daily life because you may just look like a clown. To get a naturally flawless makeup, follow our tips here.

  • Clean and moisturize. According to your skin type, choose the proper products and methods to clean your skin. Then, use the correct moisturizer to make your face dewy.
  • Apply Foundation and concealer. Test the foundation under natural light first to make sure that you get a right color for your skin. Dab the foundation on your face with a sponge and blend it well until it just looks like your skin tone. To avoid a clear line, you should go underneath your jaw line rather than stop at the edge of your face. To cover the bags or discoloration under your eyes, apply 3 dots there and blend it gently. You can use a tinted moisturizer instead to get a more natural look. Then, use the concealer that matches your skin color to cover the dark or red spots exactly.
  • Eye Makeup. Two shades of eyeshadow should be prepared. Use the light, neutral one all over lid and the slightly darker one above your crease. Blend the colors well to look more natural. Choose a roasted-colored gel liner to line your eyes because gel looks more natural and is easier to blend. Then, curl the eyelashes. This step can give you a natural-looking lift without mascara application. But if you’re not satisfied with the result, apply one coat of mascara.
  • Apply bronzer or blush. For some people, bronzer is a great way to get a natural glow. However, it may look silly for people with pale skin. If you like bronzer, brush it lightly along your cheekbones and T-zone. You can get a natural suntan appearance. But, if you’re not suited for the bronzer, use a proper blush instead.
  • Apply lip color. Lip stain may be the best choice for you to get a natural look. Choose a lip stain with the color that is close to the natural lip color or choose a similar color with your blush. After this step, you are finished with a natural appearance. Go out confidently, you’re great.

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