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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Compared to pencil eyeliner, liquid Eyeliner can accentuate your eyes better. But, if the liquid eyeliner is not properly applied, you may result in a messy look. It may be a little difficult for the first time. But don’t afraid to start, it’s easy once you get it.

  1. Choose proper liquid eyeliner. A thin and flexible felt tip is easy for application. The thinner the felt tip is, the better the effect will be.
  2. Prime your eyelids and Apply Eyeshadow. Use a primer or cream eyeshadow to form a cosmetic base which will make the liquid eyeliner application easier.
  3. Keep your hand steady and apply the liner from your upper eyelid at the base of eyelashes. Move along the lash line, creating a smooth, continuous line. The line should grow thicker toward the outer corner.
  4. Correct mistakes. If you made mistakes carelessly, just pick a cotton swab and dap in into the eye remover. Then, press the swab gently on spots to remove the blemishes.
  5. Don’t forget apply mascara.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep one eye open during the application.
  • If you feel it looks awful, remove it. It must be done well or not at all.
  • Keep liquid eyeliner from dropping into your eyes. Once it happened, wash eyes immediately.
  • Choose hypo-allergic eyeliner.
  • Line your eyes gently.
  • You can choose old eyeliner pencil and dip it into the liquid glitter eyeshadow. Then, draw the line gently.


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