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How to Apply Eyeshadow

Well, here are some secrets for eyeshadow application. All these are from some professors experience during their years of works in this field.

Choose shadow that is suitable for your eye
Whether to match or to contrast the color of your eye with the shadow are practicable. What matters is which one is suitable for you. Try different options and get your right choice.

Eyeshadow is worth of your profusion
To make your eyes stay on the whole day, you need a great eyeshadow. The first-rated eyeshadow have good quality and more wonderful colors. However, you may have to worry your shadow faded if you use a cheap one

What shadow is good with red lips
Red lips give youthful and fresh images. But if you wear an unsuitable eyeshadow, you may ruin your look. Use a concealer or shadow primer to cover the unsightly blue lines in lids and keep eyeshadow light

Your browbone never need deep color shadow
You may need apply shadow up to the browbone but never choose a deep color. Neutral color may be suitable.

White can make your eyes brighter
You can try to dot white shadow or pencil on the inside of the eye near tear duct and you will find something surprise.

Be cautious of using shimmer
Shimmer indeed can attract attentions because it makes eyes pop. But, if you have wrinkled eyelids, you must be cautious, because shimmer makes them salient.

Blend your shadow well
You may want to blend eyeshadow and hope the mixed eyeshadow seems very natural.the secret is to go from light to darker. Use the lightest color as the base and brush it to the entire eye, then draw the middle color. The darkest color should be applied lastly. You should do all these with a light hand.


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