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How To Apply Eye Makeup

Eye is the first focus when most of people have contact with someone at the first time. If we have not born with a pair of dramatic, stunning eyes,  how beautiful and natural our looks are could be defined by Eye Makeup. Follow our steps to get a perfect eye makeup right now.

Steps for eye makeup 

  1. Clean your face for preparation. Choose a gentle cleanser and wash your whole face, any remains of mascara or eyeliner should be paid particular attention. Try use regular lotion and cold water to remove residual eye makeup.
  2. Make your eyes prepared. Rub a little moisturizer underneath eyes if the skin around them is dry. Put moisturizer on the place between the outer corners of temples and eyes, but not eyelids. You can choose to apply primer to eyelids to smooth out the skin and then the makeup can stick to it easily.
  3. Apply concealer to cover dark circles under eye. Both the area where the inner eyes meet nose and dark eye circles should be covered by concealer to make you skin tone around your eyes even out. Blend the concealer outward to cheekbones and nose with fingers or concealer brush. Apply a flesh-toned, loose powder to set the concealer.
  4. Apply eyeshadow. You can use one color of eyeshadow. But if you like to use several colors, apply a medium color such as medium pink, light brown on your eyelid and a light color like light gold on your brow bone. Then, use light, little strokes to apply a darker powder such as violet, brown on the crease. To create a more cohesive, natural look, blend the color well with your finger of a tapered, fluffy blending brush.
  5. Apply eyeliner. Both liquid and pencil liner are OK. You can even choose to wet eyeshadow on an angled brush to draw lines. No matter which one you choose, draw tiny, controlled strokes across your upper lash line and then to fill the blanks with smaller strokes. You can line your lower lashed as well to get a more dramatic look.
  6. Curl eyelashes. Upturned and curled eyelashes look more attractive. Pick an eyelash curler Pick up the eyelash curler and clamp down at the base, then up to the tips slowly.
  7. Apply mascara. Find proper mascara among the different brand and formulas. Apply it from the base of your upper lashes and then sweep upward slowly. You can apply to your lower lashes for a dramatic look. If you need several coats, apply another coat while the first coat is still wet

Tips & Warnings 

  • Remove all eye makeup before bed.
  • Get your brow well shaped will enhance your eye makeup
  • Avoid getting makeup into your eye. Wash it immediately if it happened.
  • Try not to Apply Eyeliner to waterline.
  • If you want longer eyelashes, you can choose fake eyelashes.


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