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How To Apply Concealer And Foundation

Concealer has become a “must have”trend in recent years. It’s a great product that can minimize your worst features and highlight others. Many beauty editors choose to use concealer primarily and to skip foundation.Concealer can brighten a tired face and change the appearance dramatically if used properly. While to Apply Concealer correctly, you need some basic “know-how”. Here are some basic tips for you. You may love concealer just like many beauty editors if you have the right shade and proper application.

Before or After Foundation

Usually, we suggest you to apply concealer before foundation, because you won’t need as much foundation if you apply concealer before. But if you use it to cover blemishes and pimple, to avoid the concealer be rubbed away in foundation application, you can Apply Foundation first, then concealer.

A Right Concealer is Important

Actually, many people hate to have a choice, because so many types are there and we can easily be dazzled. While, you should make a good choice for your concealer, and remember, it’s a beauty product worth your splurge. You can test shades at Sephoraor department store beauty counters. A yellow-based and a shade 2 lighter than your skin tone is a basic rule of thumb. Your skin may be darker in summer, so choose a darker shade for summer. Other months, use a lighter one.

Steps and Directions to apply concealer properly

First, apply several dots of concealer under the eyes. Don’t forget the inside corners of the eyes. Then, use your middle or index finger, just according to your preference, to tap the concealer, never rub, to blend it well. And then, on the uneven spots (the chin, and around the mouth and nose),apply concealer and tap in. You can apply another layer if you think more coverage is needed. Lastly, to set your concealer in place, dust fine loose powder over your face.

How to use concealer to cover dark under-eye circles, pimple, pockmarks and deep scars

You may be confused about the pimple. And the concealer is here to help you cover it up.Dip a concealer whose shade matches your skin tone with a stiff brush whose tip is pointy and fine and then apply it to the red area. Remember don’t apply to the raised area; just the red area is enough. Apply a second layer after the concealer dry and then dust the translucent powder to set the concealer in place. If you overdid, use a tissue to buff the concealer away gently. Or you can use a Q-tip with makeup remover, moisten it, and then apply to the pimple. Then, cover the pimple again. An Aspirin Face Mask recipe is likely to heal pimples faster, and you can have a try.

There is an “under-eye concealer” in the market which is specially formulated to disguise dark undereye circles. It works by makes the dark areas under the eyes bright. So, your basic concealer can’t work as well.

For pockmarks, you should choose a shade lighter than your skin tone. Use an angled brush dipped in that concealer and fill in the center of the pockmark. The edges should be avoided. Then set the concealer by dusting translucent powder.

As for the scars, a concealer in the shade matches your skin tone is proper. Pat the scar with concealer and set it with powder.


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