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How Many Hours, How Much Sleep Do You Need

Cannot focus on your work? Feel sleepy or yawn too much? Think yourself lack of sleep? Actually lack of sleep and overslept can both lead to a bad day. Read the following parts and you’ll know how much sleep you need.

1. Different age has different sleep hours.

Generally, the older you got, the less sleep you need. Usually, infant babies sleep the longest time of 14-15 hours each day, toddlers sleep 1-2 hours less than infants; school children sleep 10 to 11 hours each day while teenage spend 8 to 10 hours for sleep. Adults and senior citizens need the same amount of time for sleep. However, because of constant wake up, senior citizens usually tend to have less sleep during the night. Another exception is the pregnant women. They usually need more sleep than the ordinary adults. So try to adjust your sleep hours.

2. Develop a good sleep routine and a high sleep quality.

Develop a sleep routine is important. For example, drink a cup of milk before you go to bed, stick to your sleep schedule which means go to bed and get up at the same time each day. This will help you form a good sleep habit. And your body may feel tired if you still awake at the time you should have sleep according to your sleep schedule.

In addition, sleep quality is also very important to us . Some people suffer from insomnia from time to time and cannot guarantee their sleep time. There are several methods everyone can use if he or she wants to improve sleep quality. Do exercises in the day. Exercises will make your body feel stretched and tired sometimes, so it will be much easier to fall into sleep. Take a bath in hot water. This will relax you whole body down. Do meditation before going to bed. Meditation will make your mind and body calm down and quick to fall asleep.

3. Act according to your own sleep needs. Though, generally speaking, the sleep hours we need are stated as the above. However, we should not only stick to those rules and obey them without any condition. Our body knows when it feels tired and needs a sleep and how long. So let the body tells us. So if you tend to sleep less, then be it as long as feel comfortable.

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