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Published on May 18th, 2014 | by Tom


Home Remedies For Insect Bites And Stings

Summer again! It’s the season of mosquitoes, bees, wasps, spiders and all things, which appear in your surroundings here and there, bring you presents of bites and stings that make you feel troublesome! But! Don’t worry; here are some news to cheer you up. We find some simple home remedies to mitigate sting and bite pain quickly and easily. The tips below can share with you.


A little toothpaste can help to take away the pain of insect stings or bites. Functions as an antihistamine, the fluoride helps in seconds.

Natural oils

The herb oils such as clove, tea tree and lemon ones are natural anti-inflammatory disinfects, considered to be the essential treatments for bites and stings. They have no side effects to our body.


Bees or other insects leave signs behind when they attack: their barbed stinger. We should apply a knife to remove the stinger by scraping it off carefully. Attention! Do not touch those tongs, for it will cause more venom to be pumped into victim. Remember to use antiseptics such as alcohol after removing the stinger.


Ice can be considered as the first-aid duty by mitigating the bites or stings. It can reduce the inflammmation caused by those bites, which will help you to reduce the pain. When confronted with this emergency, put ice into a plastic bag, wrap it in a towel, and then put it on the areas of pain.


Soaps can not only keep your kitchen clean, but also help to relieve the bites of the mosquito. Rubbing on soap after wetting your skin, then it will function. Attention! Do not use those smelly soaps, for they will irritate and cause more problems to the bite area.


Mud can be also treated as a good way to bites and stings. Besides, mud is everywhere, easy to get. What you need is just water. Make a paste with mud then put it on the sting and let it dry for 2-20 minutes. Then rinse the area, wash with water, the pain will be gone.


Sugar works well as soon as it is applied. Put it on the area of stings or bites for about 10 minutes, you will see the effects soon appear, the stings disappear.


Aspirin functions as a magic to many troubles and diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties in it will not only work on colds, but also fit this case. What you do is just to make a paste, apply it to the bite and sting, then cover it for a night and in the morning you will be ok.

Raw Potato

Potato is more than a kind of food. But a remedy! When biting or stinging by insects, you can use a potato, cut it and hold it on the area of pain. Then it works!


Stinging insects are attracted by odors, which just as we human beings. So many people believe that the smell of the pungent food such as garlic or onion you eat might send out a signal and bring those insects. But! It’s not the case. Adding an extra onion on your burger or an extra garlic clove to your salad dressing will keep you away from those hateful insects. But, the effect only functions with raw garlic, so don’t cook them. Besides, remember to have some gum on hand if you are ready to talk to others!

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