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Home Remedies For Boils On Skin

Boils are skin infection that can be caused by many health problems like diabetes, poor nutrition, problems with the immune system, ingrown hair, exposure to harsh chemicals that irritate the skin. In all, the staphylococcal bacteria entering the body may be the major and root cause. Here we provide some home remedies to help you get rid of the burns naturally.

1. Heat compress. Heat can increase the circulation of blood and activate the body’s immune response. So, heat application can cure the boils by bring antibodies and white blood cells to fight against the infection. Apply hot pack to the boil for 10 to 20 minute every couple of hours. You can also soak a towel in hot water and apply the moist compress on the boil.

2. Turmeric. Make a paste out of turmeric powders, Epsom salts and distilled water and apply it to the infected area at night. Leave it overnight by covering it with a bandage carefully. do this every two nights.

Home Remedies For Boils , turmeric powders

3. Calamine lotion. A effective solution for drying up the infected area and preventing irritation. Apply it immediately once you get the boils.

4. Bacon and salt. Coat a piece of normal cooking bacon with table salt and place it over the boil at night. And then set it in place with a bandage and sleep. Repeat this for at least two nights. Once you notice a small white pimple looking mark in the middle of the boil, you can squeeze all the bad stuff out gently. Then have a good wash, you may find the boils had gone after several days.

5. Cornmeal. Make a thick paste with cornmeal and water, apply the mixture over the boil and cover with a cloth. Repeat this every 2 hours until you find the boil comes to a head and drains.

6. Black seed oil and tea tree oil. Black seed oil contains some medicinal properties that can relieve pain effectively. Drink the herbal solution made by 1/2 teaspoon of black seed oil and hot or cold drink twice a day. For tea tree oil, gently apply it over the boils with a clean cotton ball 5-6 times a day.

7. Eggs. It has a long history to use eggs to treat boils. Boil and peel the egg, apply the whites of this hard-boiled eggs directly over the boil and set it in place with a cloth.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Decreasing the sugar intake can prevent the boils from forming
  • Avoid using the OTC products that claim to draw out the fluid in boils
  • Don’t break the boil open
  • Seek for professional help if you don’t know the medical reason behind your boil or you suffer from larger or serious boils.

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