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Home Remedies for Hand and Wrist Pain

Minor problems in hands and wrist can happen to anyone of all ages. It can be caused by injuries or aging. Generally, hand and wrist pain is not serious and do not require medical attention, but it is annoying and inconvenient in our daily life. Read this article and learn some home remedies to treat your hand and wrist pain.

Home remedies for hand and wrist pain

1. Stop using your joint too much. Without doubt, this is the initial step you can do to stop wrist pain. Rest the joint and see if that works.

2. Take off all bracelets on your wrist. Obviously, those jewelry will become obstacles for your treatment, and if the bracelets are too tight, it may cause many serious problems like nerve compression or restricted blood flow, which may probably the causes of your hand and wrist pain.

3.  For immediate pain relief, soak your hand in hot water. Make sure the temperature of the hot water is within your tolerance. If possible, add some Epson salts into the water and soak your wrist for 20 minutes. This works wonderful as an immediate painkiller.

4. Apply an ice compress or a hot compress. Some may find pain relief with ice compress; others may feel comfortable with a hot compress. Choose the one you like, or you can use them alternatively to better promote the blood circulation in your wrist and reduce inflammation.

Apply an ice compress or a hot compress

5. Gentle massage. Ask a family member to massage or rub the pain area with little pressure, this may help relieve the pain by promoting blood circulation. Pay attention to the tendons and massage more on those areas.

6. Use a hand brace. A hand brace is available at stores such as Wal-mart or Walgreens, which will help your wrist straight to reduce friction. It may inconvenient to use while working, but you can use it at night or while you are rest to give better support to your hand and wrist

7.  If your hand pain is caused by arthritis, you can take pain medication at home. Medicines such as aspirin, Tylenol or Motrin are available without prescription. Among them, Motrin is highly recommended to reduce swelling and inflammation, which will ease your pain.

8. A peppermint oil rub. This may seems very exotic, but it works very well with hand and wrist pain.  Use diluted peppermint oil or mix it with other oil to cut down the strength of the pure one. otherwise it will burn your skin. Mix one part of peppermint oil and 3-4 parts of oil, such as olive oil or vegetable oil, simply rub the mixture to your painful wrist for several minutes. The pain will go away after several times of rubbing.

peppermint oil rub

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