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How to Treat Burns, Home Remedies for Burns

All burns may be quite painful, but according to the severity, the treatment may differ. Usually, no matter what sources cause the burn, cold, heat, electricity, sun or chemicals, the burn would belong to one of the following three categorizations: the first degree burns, the second degree burns and the third degree burns. For third degree and serious second degree burns, immediate medical treatment is needed, while for first degree and small second degree burns, home remedies are usually all that is needed to promote the healing.

Following these simple steps:

  1. Running the burn with cool water should be the first step to relieve the pain and clean the wound. And you can use mild soap to wash out the debris gently.
  2. Soothe the affected area with lotion or moisturizer.
  3. Cover the burn with a sterile gauze bandage

For relieving the symptoms and soothing the affected area, there are several other natural remedies proved to be effective.

1. Mustard and flour. Cool the mustard in your refrigerator first and then mix it with flour to make a paste. Apply the paste to the burn and cover with a band aide. The cooled mustard can cool the burn immediately and the paste is also effective in preventing blisters. Try it to get instant and lasting relief.

How to Treat Burns, Home Remedies for Burns

2. Onion. The inside membrane of onion can do wonders for pain relief and blister prevention. Peel the thin layer of the inside of the onion and place it on the burn. Leave it for at least an hour to prevent the pain from returning.

3. Yoghurt. Just apply plain yogurt on burn and let it dry. Then wash it with water and pat dry with a towel. Repeat this for several times and it really works well for burns, especially for sunburn.

4. Tomato. Cut the tomato in half and massage the inside part on the burn. It helps taking the burn away.

5. Vanilla extract. Place some vanilla extract on a cloth and then massage it over the burn every couple of hours. You can also try to cool the chamomile honey vanilla tea bags in ice water and rotate them over the burn which can help relieve the pain effectively.

6. Oil with salt. It was said to be a secret prescription handed down form ancestors which works well in burn treatment. Just prepare some oil of any type and sprinkle some salt on it and then apply to the burn.

7. Egg white. Soak 2 cloths in the egg whites and then apply it the affected area. You can get a miracle cure for burns with egg white for it can not only dramatically relieve the pain, but also can prevent scarring form the burn.

Egg white

8. Aloe Vera. Popular for its soothing and cooling properties, aloe vera can treat burns well. Just squeeze the juice out of aloe vera and apply it to the burn or apply organic aloe vara gel bought from local natural grocery.

9. Honey. Try this sweet treatment to disinfect wounds and heal burns. It can draws out fluids from the tissues. You can apply the honey directly on the burn or wrap the affected area by a bandage with honey on.

Tips and warnings:

  • Never apply butter and ointments on burns which can dramatically worsen the condition.
  • Avoid wrap the bandage too tightly which will prevent the wound from breathing.
  • Don’t break the blisters if there was any one.
  • For all major burns, call medical care immediately
  • Baking soda, aluminum foil, tea bags, vinegar, raw potato also can be used as natural remedies for burns.

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