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Hip Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Hip pain is very common and has a variety of causes. If you’re suffering from hip pain, try to find the exact cause and treat it with proper remedies.

Causes of hip pain

The most common causes of hip pain may be arthritis which can lead to inflammation of the hip joint and breakdown the cartilage that normally cushions your hip bones. The pain will worsen gradually as the arthritis progresses.

Other common causes of hip pain including:

Hip fractures: bone become weak with age and thus become more likely to fracture.

Tendinitis: the inflammation or irritation of the tendons may result in hip pain

Muscle strain: repetitive stress will cause strain to muscles supporting the hip.

Bursitis: inflammation of the bursae that protect muscles will result pain in hip joints.

In addition to the causes described above, factors like osteonecrosis, cancer, pinched nerves, dislocation, inguinal hernia, avascular necrosis are all possible triggers of hip pain.

Symptoms of hip pain

For the various causes of hip pain, the symptoms differ accordingly. Usually, people suffering from hip pain might feel the discomfort in thigh, the inside or outside of the hip joint, groin, buttocks. And the pain may worsen when take activity. If the hip pain is caused by arthritis, the pain may be more serious. In addition to the pain and discomfort, you may suffer from reduced range of motion as well.

Treatments of hip pain

Hip Pain Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

try these simple common tips to deal with your hip pain if it’s not serious. They are proper for all types of hip pain regardless of its cause.

  1. Avoid direct pressure on the hip and prolonged sitting. Repeated bending at the hip should be avoided as well. In all, make sure your hip have a rest. Never overuse it.
  2. It seems that a few pounds away can make a difference in the pain and discomfort. Try to lose your weight healthily.
  3. Do exercises that are gentle and not harmful to help strengthen the muscle. Swimming is a good option if your hip pain was caused by arthritis.
  4. Apply ice or heat to reduce the pain
  5. Take OTC medicine like ibuprofen, acetaminophen to ease your hip pain.
  6. Try to identify the cause of your hip pain. The treatment used for treating the problem that causes the hip pain should be useful for the hip pain treatment as well.

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