Heel Pain

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Heel Pain Causes, Treatment & Relief

Heel pain is a type of foot pain that affects the heel area. Usually, the pain will disappear on its own after several days. However, in some cases the pain may be persistent and need to be treated properly.

Causes of heel pain

Heal pain is usually caused by repetitive stress or shock to the heel. The most common cause is plantar fasciitis. When the plantar fasciitis is stretched to the soft tissue fibers, the inflammation will attach to the heel bone and cause heel pain.

Other common causes of heel pain including: Achilles tendon rupture, heel bumps, gout, heel bursitis, stress fracture, severs disease, Achilles tendonosis, heel spurs, prolonged standing, and osteoarthritis.

There are also other factors  contributing to the heel pain such as wrong postures when walking and running. If you want to know exactly the cause of your heel pain, maybe you need to talk to the doctor to get an accurate diagnosis.

Treatments of heel pain 

1.    Avoid long distance walking or prolonged standing. Make sure your feet have a break between.

2.    Apply ice pack or hot application to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

3.    Stretch exercises like calf stretch, passive low back stretch, reclined hip stretch can help treat heel pain effectively.

Heel Pain Causes, Treatment & Relief

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4.    Soak your feet to the mixture of Epsom and warm water to get pain relief

5.    Lose weight to reduce the pressure on the heel

6.    Strengthen your feet muscle by picking up marbles on floor with toes

7.    Wear proper shoes that are well supported with inserts or orthotics

8.    Take over-the –counter medicine to reduce inflammation and combat with the pain.

9.    Seek for professional devices like night splint or sports strapping tape to speed up the recovery if necessary.

10.   Turn to surgery if the painful symptoms are not relieved for an extremely long time or the condition is serious.

Heel Pain Causes, Treatment & Relief

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