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Published on August 12th, 2013 | by Tom


Health Benefits of White Tea

Grown in the Fujian province, China, white tea has arrived in the United States as well as many countries worldwide. In addition to its good taste, the health benefits of white tea may be the major reason for its popularity. As a supreme drink of health, white tea can really do many wonders for our health, such as lowering the blood pressure, preventing cancer, reducing the risk of diabetes and so on. Let’s go through the benefits of white tea here.

White tea and cancer prevention

A study about the effects of white tea for cancer prevention was conducted by Oregon State University in 2000. The study showed that the white containing higher amounts of polyphenols can work more effectively than Green Tea in cancer prevention, especially for the colon cancer. And a study published in 2008 issue of Nutrition and Cancer stated the same result, showing that the less processed white tea and the constituents (caffeine and EGCG) it contained are more effective in cancer cell prevention.

White tea and age

In addition to the effects for cancer prevention, there were also studies showing that white tea can help slow down aging effectively. White tea can prevent free radicals from damaging the skin and thus good for the skin health.

White tea and High Cholesterol levels

An element called catechins, which is rich in white tea was supposed to be a high cholesterol fighter. It can help increase the good cholesterol while decrease the bad one and thus to balance the Cholesterol Level.

White tea and disease

It has shown that green tea can stimulate the immune system to fight disease. While, researchers from the Department of Biology at Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts & Sciences state that white tea extract also work dramatically in fighting disease for it can destroy the organisms that cause disease. Moreover, their later studies show that white tea extract also contains many healing properties.

White tea and blood pressure

By thinning the blood and improving artery function, white tea can lower the risk of higher blood pressure and maintain a healthy one.

White tea and other benefits

White tea is less process than green tea which makes it able to maintain a higher concentration of antioxidants and higher amounts of polyphenols—both are ingredients that are beneficial for health. So, white tea is helpful for many health problems, such as diabetes, stress, obesity, heart disease, teeth and bones.

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