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Published on July 24th, 2013 | by Tom


Hair Loss Treatment For Women, How to Cure Baldness

If the Hair Loss (Baldness) were not so serious, you can just leave it alone. But, if you think you have to take action to prevent hair loss, try these home remedies. Your hair loss may be caused by different causes, but no matter what the cause is, there must one of these home remedies for hair loss works.

1.  Much attention should be paid on your diet. Eat more nuts, green leafy vegetables and fruits. Increase the consumption of vitamins and fibers while decrease the intake of proteins.

2.  Matt Gardson method, proper massage with homemade masks has helped lots of people get rid of the trouble of hair loss. You may be the next, have a shot.

3.  Saw palmetto can stop the formation of a hormone that can kill off hair follicles. Take 160 milligrams two times a day is proper.

4.  Jojoba oil, emu oil, or kalaya oil are useful for hair loss treatment. The jojoba oil should be appled to the scalp while the other two are thought to be effective when use as a moisturizer and hair-root stimulant.

5.  Sage extract can prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth. You can ass the extract to your shampoo or make a double-strength sage tea as a hair rinse daily.

6.  Mixture of rosemary and almond oil can improve hair texture. Mix them at a ratio of 1to 2. Apply the mixture to the scalp and massage your scalp for 20 minutes.

7.  Prepare an egg, 3 spoons of mayonnaise and some olive oil for ready. Apply these in your hair for an hour. Wash it with warm water, then, enjoy your shining hair.

8.  Take iron and vitamin supplements daily to encourage the growth of your hair and choose shampoo products with natural ingredients rather than chemicals.

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