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Get Rid Of Small Eyes: Tricks To “bigger” Your Eyes

Are you still envious of those girls with big eyes? Here, you’re in the right place. Actually, there are many ways to get rid of your small eyes and makes your eyes look bigger.

Bottom Lashes Can Make Difference

Lower lashes are usually not suggested to apply mascara, but this is not true for everyone. So, you can try to see if it fit for you. You should sweep the mascara brush back and forth on the lower lashes. Keep the brush vertical. Use pencil eyeliner and smudge the line with finger to make it look more natural.

Curl Eyelashes

Curl eyelashes can make them looks longer. You can curl them before or after mascara. Don’t curl your eyelashes until your mascara is dried. The hair dryer can be used to blast the eyelash but make sure it’s in a suitable hot.

Trim Eyebrows

You may think that your brows are good but if you got them trimmed, you may see great change of your face. Don’t afraid of tweezing of waxing your brows. Try to find what shape is right for your eyes. But don’t try it yourself if you are not skillful. You may be amazing to find your eyes become bigger if your brows are correctly manicured.

Apply False Eyelashes

Try false eyelashes. If applied probably, they can make great difference. Find false eyelashes in hot department stores. Drugstores also an option, but make sure you got the false eyelashes with a suitable length.


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